Guys, the Stress Test is still going

It’s Friday, 2pm Barov server time as I write this, and I’m still playing on my level 11 mage in Westfall. If you’re not here because you assume the test is done, get in here and play some more!
No clue when they’ll shut this down, but might as well enjoy it while it lasts.


Blizzard has already said they are going to keep the stress test up all the way until launch. Check the blue post.


Ha ha I wish. Nice try tho.

Yeah, I think its supposed to end some time tonight.

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10/10 you got me!

Heard you keep your characters too

Actually from what I hear they are allow bfa->classic transfer through cash shop.

Again trolling. Blizzard says on main page everyone starts at level 1 and there will be no option to do this.

These are the WoW forums, logic does not exist here.

I got stuff to do, but I can’t bring myself to log off.

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Me too. Rolled a new class a while ago, and this is great because it’s helping me decide some things before Vanilla drops for realz in two weeks.

Did they just close them?

Nope, still going!

They’re keeping them open until Monday, 9:00 AM PST.

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Woooooo Blizzard I love you! Thank you!!!