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I think a lot of PvPers feel as you do. I think, by its nature, PvP is a solo oriented activity. I got into it to avoid guild drama and begging for groups when I started (before LFD), and I became more dependent on myself.

But, Raist, MMOs… blah blah. They cultivated players to play that way and, when you’re trying to coordinate your team it’s very much an MMO activity. Problem is the “my way” philosophy that we’ve seen in the face of those earlier limitations and their effect on the population.

PvE isn’t so bad. Read up on the dungeons if you’re uncomfortable. Put the tank on focus, follow them and target off of them. If you take aggro run them to the tank. Research your rotation, get addons to tell you when to move, and progress through lower keys until you feel comfortable.

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You should be doing and playing how you want…


The pieces in question are only best in slot if you’re in Nazjatar or Eternal Palace.

You want to do a +10 every week because the weekly titan residuum is the most practical way to get 445 azerite armor for the large majority of people. Unless you’re 2100+ rating or raiding Mythic EP there is no other way to get it.


You don’t need to.
Some of M+ players never fight in arena and have no idea about PVP.
PVE is PVE and PVP is PVP. Do what you like to do.
If you think Blizzard forces you to do it, just say no to nonsense.

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If someone told me I had to do mythic plus for something I’d tell them to kick rocks. I’d sooner try to become a mythic raider than indulge in what I think is the most unfun part of the current game.


Add me on bnet: Caféaulait#1536. I’ll help by tanking keys.


He is telling you this because not only does mythic 10s drop 430 gear, at the end of the week the chest drops 440 gear. I understand mythic plus can be intimidating but if you want to stay competitive then work your way towards it. Start with lower keys until you get the feel for mythic+. Benthic gear is only bis if you are going to solely focus on raid. Outside of that the gear you can get from the weekly chest and dungeons is very good.

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Nothing wrong with adventuring into PvE, it’s just trying some other aspects of the game you paid for.

I do everything, from pet battles, collections, raiding, arena, RBG, m+, etc etc. It’s much more interesting that way.

Now to find RP on oceanic…


I have not stepped foot in a mythic+ since early legion. I feel like I am missing nothing. You don’t have to run them to get decent gear and raid.

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Just a thought; this thread seems to have more than a few people who run +10s a lot - ask for their help.

You got far enough down the open request for help from others to make your posts here to take the next step and I’m willing to bet there are people in this thread who would help you get better at it without constantly worrying about getting mocked, kicked, or both.

Maybe start with this person:


Only certain pieces of benthic gear is bis, you can’t get rings trinkets and weapons from benthic, even then benthic is only good in eternal palace. Any other content it is not bis, so yeah there is a great benefit from mythic plus

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While I don’t exactly shake…I understand the anxiety of doing something you’re not use to doing. I don’t do things like dungeons/Mythic+ as a 100% pug, I always need at least 1 friend with me to be comfortable.


Please don’t do this. Only feel that you need to be competitive if you’re actually doing the content that requires it. If you’re not, there’s no reason to feel this obligation.

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Competitive with what?

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Yup M+ for a new set of bracers every week.

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There’s nothing wrong with a little encouragement and wanting someone else to let you know that you’re either worrying too much, or what have you.

As for the part I’ve bolded - this is part of BFA syndrome. Gearing in BFA is wonky, with a really weird emphasis on wanting people to be able to get gear from anywhere and have it be viable. The problem is most of the best pvp gear comes from pve because of how Azerite traits and essences work. Don’t feel bad.

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No one is going to ‘take you’ unless they specify they’re going to carry. Mythic+ is a place where all 5 players must do their part or wipe. So learn how to be a valuable member of the group and you’re good to go

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And this Guy should know you don’t have to take his advice and play whatever feels right for you.

Well if you know anything about normal dungeons, take that but make them harder, and make sure you that you have “able to read mechanics and how to react appropriately” and DBM ready.

Make your own Group. If you build it, they will come.

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I feel the same way. I haven’t done a single one this season, so now I just feel like nobody will invite me anyway. I’m not bad at mythics, but I just hate that if I do mess up, people will go off on me for ruining their run. I had a guy kick me right after downing the last boss before I got my loot. I got it in the mail, but just the sentiment was enough to ruin the whole experience for me.

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Join a guild that runs them or find some friends. I literally sit on my +10 key in case someone needs a run and I help them out.