Gut everything about demon hunters

their 30 second cd EVASION
their INFINITE CC IMMUNITY by gliding in the air
their 1200000 STUNS
Utterly unacceptable how this class is to do EVERYTHING 12 different classes can do in 1 spec





Also unnerf Fire Breath cowards

I’ll fight a lobby of DH’s before I fight any intelligent caster.

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Nerf casters while were at it

Blizzard tried but they meta leaped the nerf bat

They’ve grown too powerful for even blizzard to control anymore.


Double jump, baclflip and glide, right when you land do that meta slam and you have like 6 sec of cc immunity AND A 30% WALL lmfao like no way blizzard thought that was a good idea. And its on a 30 sec cd. WAY MORE OP than bladestorm. I just dont get how dhs get some of the most op abilities from every class and just is able to spam them. The hunts a sniper shot. Their (above text) is a bladestorm. Their sky thing is holy priests thang (idk what its called) and they got a pala bubble and a way WAY more op evasion from rogues. They got a ranged banish from warlocks usable on players and they got a stormbolt ranged stun as well. Holy hell gut everything this monstrosity of a class has

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yeah man i know what you mean i’d just rather deal with that vs a thousand ai pets fighting me on the screen

I agree 10000%, they should remove the ability that removes slows when mages reapply shields and have frost roots proc less


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if u said dome i would have funny images pop up

i think warrior out performs dh in 2s atm. im either running into bad ones or idk?

Don’t think so. Nearly twice as many dh’s above 2400 in 2’s as warriors. Given that warrior representation is always one of the highest in the game, that speaks volumes. Dh can just tunnel whoever they want and are immune to being punished for positioning errors. They are significantly better than any other class.

i feel like a lot of those are sitting rating from pre nerf.


I was 2175 in 2s and the dhs absolutely hard counters warriors

yeah im a low rated scrub and facing low rated dhs. so just my experience at this current rating

i just like to run around and cast stuff.

that sounds like a a quantum leap episdode lol

I think I now hate destro more than dh.

Personally, I’d rather fight a DH than a Warrior in 2s currently.


Agreed but im not sure how you approach balancing DH without deleting entire abilities. Way too much of their power is passively baked into rotation.

Im not against doing this, but if you were a DH player and this happened youre probably unsubbing. I dont think theres a great way to handle it that doesn’t alienate people who play it.

Maybe create some new abilities that you actually have to press on purpose for mortal strike or evasion.