Gushing Wound Corruption Effect Reduction

Wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up on the vendor in 15min.

Amazons New world looking pretty damn good.

You are right, people will move to the next best thing. I think everyone is going to shift to +versatility across the board.

You’re not even creating a game anymore. You’re facilitating a nursery where people can just live in mediocre mushy boring harmony. What a joke you guys have become.

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This corruption isn’t great unless it’s stacked. And now it’s nerfed? Guess I gotta cleanse it. Sigh…

This dude clearly has never used gushing wounds or played against anyone using it lmao. Free carry to glad? LMAO. It barely added any damage and frequently didn’t even proc.

Your comment needs more upvotes. Or likes. Or whatever we call 'em.

Did this go live today? I don’t think my tooltip changed.

My tooltip is unchanged and so is the damage in PVE, what is going on?

Maybe it just didn’t go in. Doesn’t mean they decided against it, and until they say so, I would expect the change to proceed at some point.

Just read lol

Shhhhhh maybe they forgot and if you dont remind them they will leave it alone =]

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They’re waiting until it comes up on the vendor.

Just nerf it on PvP if it is that annoying. But not that much.

People spent their money and time to get it (not me btw), I don’t think it’s fair enough.

“Weaker single target specs are the one that use gushing in a PVE setting. So nerfing it means you nerf mid tier specs while top tier specs like fire mage and BM hunter get buffed due to the easy access to crit/mastery amps.”

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and ofc i finally get it from my visions. i mean i’m not surprised but it does suck to have it happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna translate this corporate double-speak into actual English:

“We know that corruptions are highly imbalanced, but this was intentional because combined with large amounts of RNG it would keep people playing longer to try and get the best corruptions. Now that we have been forced as a result of player outcry to remove the most glaring RNG aspects of corruptions, our intentional lack of balancing will have a negative effect on the game and we need to correct that.”

It’s honestly just embarrassing at this point. I’m eagerly awaiting further nerfs to other corruptions as players begin to stack the hell out of them. TD is likely next on the chopping block, but who knows?

Most fail patch in all of WoW’s history.


I mean, I have 1 GW piece, so this doesn’t really matter that much to me. But instead of gutting a corruption to the point it’s unusable, like you guys have in the past (i.e. EV), why not use a more conservative approach. I’ve been reading that a lot of subs have purchased excessive amount of tokens to buy BoE’s with GW on them. Now, I don’t think that that’s the best use of irl money, but hey, some people really love the game and want to invest a lot of time, effort, and irl money into it. Fine. But that was because of the model you guys over at blizz put in, in the first place. This unicorn of a corruption, extremely rare, so much so people purchased tokens to obtain them!

So why not do something as simple as:

  1. Nerf by another 15%, and just leave it at that
  2. Each cycle/rotation of corruptions, only ONE (1) GW can be purchased by each character
  3. In lieu of a nerf, consider increasing corruption from 15 to maybe 20 or 25?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out ways to make things more balanced and at the same time keep the community happy. Remember, without those subs that literally pour money into the game, there probably wouldn’t be that much money to go around to pay devs over there at activision/blizz.

I like the system, but have to admit… you nailed it.