Guild transferring?


Our guild was considering transferring to Grobbulus but since that just closed to transfers today, we’ve been looking at other options. We’re leaning toward an RP-PVP server since we hear the community is better on RP servers than non-RP PvP servers but we’re concerned about the low population on Deviate Delight limiting our ability to recruit.

A few questions come to mind. How is World PvP with the faction imbalance? Is it impossible to get anything done out in the world due to lots of Alliance around? What’s the world boss situation like? Any other thoughts any of you folks might have would be useful too.



Well it’s only low pop because everyone is afraid of low pop and doesn’t come here so be the change you wanna see!. That said I wouldn’t worry about pvp. Horde are outnumbered but are equals in open world confrontation. Server is fine…community is great. The horde side seems to have stronger RP which is cool. I play both Grobb and DD and love them both even though they are quite different.


What would you say the differences between Grobb and DD are? Especially with the recent population explosion on Grobb?

Grobb has always been much larger since it was announced before launch. Blizz messed up and made DD after. The primary difference is just the population. Both have a mix of RP, Elitists/private server folks. I think DD is slightly better RP because grobb got a lot of non rp folks since it was one of a few initial servers without a queue at launch.

I’d say we’re not elitist but we’re more serious about raiding than most. We want to clear all the content efficiently but aren’t going for world firsts or speedruns or anything crazy. We’d also love there to be a community that we could be a part of between raids. Right now we raid log every week because our server is so toxic and dead.

No one’s going to hold the fact that you are serious raiders against you here as long as you don’t hold the fact that a lot of us are more casual against us. What’s more important to us is that you enjoy and participate in the community here.

If you do come to our server and you happen to see me RP walking by. Wave! :heart:


I hope I am not beginning to sound like an automated response in many of these How is this Server? threads, but always glad to throw in my 2 oat’s worth.

We are a low pop server, which presents the usual challenges. We are countering that by working between guilds and cross-faction to keep DD a server worth playing on. While no community is perfect, ours has a lot of mutual respect between players, and the understanding that The Community is what makes or breaks any server–so we put our combined efforts to build DD into the kind of server we want to play on. The other guilds Thunderhoof has had the pleasure of meeting and working with are very open and full of great people who care about this server.

As I have also mentioned in other places that being a smaller community also allows each player and guild to make more of a meaningful impact upon the server. Working with each other is necessary here, and people have stepped up.

We have yet to truly build our WPVP into something I’d consider thriving–most folks are live-and-let-live types. Our coalition of Horde guilds is currently working with a few Alliance guilds on developing some campaigns to bring flavor to our RP, and create some unique server lore.

The faction imbalance is more or less just a number here. While there is some camping, most of the encounters I have had are of the kill-and-move-on sort if there is any engagement–I’ve never had a situation where I have, with a little help and effort, been unable to accomplish my objectives.

This server is definitely what you will make of it. It is work and takes effort, but in the end it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in the many years I have been gaming.

If you decide to transfer to DD, reach out to the community and we can work together to help you guys create a great home for your guild.


Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate it! I’ll reply here if we end up deciding on transferring to DD, but I might roll an alt with you folks even if we don’t, it seems like a really good place to play!


Hi Sarmi!

I think that as most hit above, the community is smaller here on Grobb, but is also better. We actually used to be on Grobb, but transferred to DD and honestly have never really regretted it. I’ll say this, DD is probably the least, if not one of the least, toxic servers there is. There are lots of small events that are happening on our server, from RP to fun community events. It is also, what I know, the most important thing to a lot of people on this server.

For the faction imbalance wise, it is alliance favored, but not by a huge absolute amount. We are still a small enough server (I’ve been told we are probably more like a high pop vanilla or slightly higher) that any amount makes the difference. That means you can still farm things, camping doesn’t really occur, and in general things are amicable.

The person who probably knows the most about the server (horde side especially) would be Bacteria. I’d highly suggest you talk with them too.

I’d also hop in the DD discord if you want other questions answered too.

We have a paper, not sure if you’ve seen it yet.



I saw the Daily Deviate on Reddit when I was looking at servers to possibly transfer to! Looks like a lot of work goes into it and it was a really fun read. I love community based stuff like that.


I came over from Grobbulus along with the rest of my guild in September and I’m glad we chose this server. DD has a small town feeling. There’s tons of interesting characters on this server and always something interesting happening that week.


How’s recruitment over there? We’re concerned that we’ll have trouble filling our roster up again. We’re planning on transferring with about 30 players, several of our raiders either don’t want to transfer, or want to take a break till AQ at this point.

Defcamp and melderon coming too?

Yeah, our whole raid group is planning on transferring to either DD, Grobb (when transfers open again) or maybe a non RP server like Thunderfury or something.

Sweet i hope u pick DD


Recruiting 10 geared/competent people could be rough for a Horde transfer guild nobody really knows.

Here’s the problem; you could be great people and quite competent, but there aren’t swaths of un-guilded/well equipped Horde literred across the streets of Orgrimmar. They’re in established guilds…at this point farming BWL/ZG equipment and preparing for AQ.

When I came from Grobb to DD, it was about 2 weeks post BWL launch. There weren’t many guilds looking for even 1 mage at the time.

In my case, I was coming alone and looking to fit into a a small space I figured would open eventually.

Your talking about bringing 30 and needing to recruit at least a minimum of 10 more consistent raiders. Needing at least 10 more means in reality you need closer to 15-20 so that you have some semblance if a bench for AQ…unless you have 40 people (the same 40) who will show up every week without fail.

Being competent and able to clear the content isn’t enough for most people either. If you have a guild that mostly raid logs; someone who is looking for an active guild may not be interested in even a guild capable of clearing AQ40 and progressing in Naxx if the only guild interactions involve raiding 1-2x per week.

30 is honestly a tough number.

You’d have a larger player pool on Grobb to work with (in terms of recruitment). Grobb has multiple problems though; and that’s coming from a day 1 Grobb player who paid $ to transfer to DD for what had been assuredly a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

That’s all understandable and that is 100% our concern. It looks more like we’re going to be transferring with somewhere between 30-37 people. It’s just a decision of where. We did BWL just fine with 35 people tonight. The community on Skeram outside of our guild is non-existant and it’s just not fun to play here.

yeah grob sucks…DD rocks

(simple facts)


I played alliance on Grobb until about Nov/Dec before I had to take a break from WoW for RL stuff. I came back a few weeks ago, only to find my guild disbanded/mergered/transferred/ etc. I wanted a fresh start and wanted to play a DPS class (was a healer on Alliance), so I’m leveling this Horde hunter now on DD.

There are pros and cons to being on a low-pop server.

I’m strictly speaking about the Horde population, because I don’t know much about Alliance side. My overall leveling experience has been… pretty disheartening. It’s been near impossible to find dungeon runs, even during server primetime. There just aren’t enough people here. At the time of writing this, I’m level 43 and the only dungeon I’ve ran is WC, once. As a hunter, I can solo most group quests, so I don’t normally look for a group on those, but I think it’s the same story there.

Just from observing the LFG, trade, and world channel, it doesn’t seem like it gets much better at 60. I will see a few BRD, Strat, etc. pugs being thrown together every night at primetime, but it’s minuscule volume in comparison to Grobb. I never see any random MC or Ony pugs (again, I’m not 60, just observations so far).

It seems like there are 4 or 5 horde guilds with raid teams here, so I imagine I’ll have to join one of them once I hit 60 (I’m looking to commit to a raid schedule, if you end up transferring here!)

I’ve heard mat farming is much easier here, however. No one rolls their multiboxers on lowpop servers, so DD is pretty free from those. BL is actually possible to obtain and not camped 24/7 by bots.

If you’re into RPing, I will say that DD is much better than Grobb. When I left in December, Blizz had just broken up a pretty imfamous white-supremacist, sperg guild on Grobb. I never found any RP, outside of organized events there. I’d say 90% of that server is made up of the “I don’t like to RP, but I heard RP servers are better communities, more immersive, and better wPvP” kind of people. And thus, no one actually RPs on Grobb. Despite a lower population, the DD RP is so much better.

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