Guild Tabards still not fixed

Guild Tabards have been bugged since the start of tbc. I cannot believe this hasn’t been fixed yet.

When you wear a guild tabard your belt visual disappears, you can unequip and put the belt back on but the visual disappears again after load screens or just over time.

Most other tabards are working properly.


Nice discovery. This hopefully simplifies the eventual bugfix, since there’s a specific trigger in this case.

All the non tbc tabards do this I can’t believe it hasn’t been patched either. No response to this problem since launch almost 4 months ago

Same here, got an invisible belt with my guild tabard. Can’t believe this still hasn’t been fixed yet. #smallindiecompany

This bug is still yet to be fixed.

Please fix this already

Patch notes said this was fixed in Classic, but it’s still bugged in Burning Crusade Classic.

This was fixed in the 1.14.1 patch for Classic Era and Season of Mastery this week and we also have a fix for this for Burning Crusade Classic, which we intend to include in the next patch for that version of the game. Thanks for the reports about this!

Out of curiosity, are we talking the patch for phase 3 for this fix? I’ve really missed seeing belt textures this last year since I’m usually always rocking a tabard.

Can someone verify on the PTR that it was fixed?

Looks like, at least as of PTR build on Jan 8, 2022 @ 2:15 PM EST, the bug is fixed. Hurrah!