Guild Struggles - Where are my weirdos?

I have terrible alt-itis, but part of it is that I just can’t seem to find a group of people that make me want to focus on a core handful. I keep trying to remedy that with reasonably little success, or I meet good people, but their timeframes are off, etc. That said… any thoughts where a gal could find:

Mythic + groups frequently
Open to RP, but not focused on it
21+, OOC, irreverent guild chat that somehow also has good, quirky folks in it.
Folks on frequently
Folks able and willing to be class sherpas (i.e. I’d really love to get to be a better tank, but it terrifies me to Leeeeroy the thing, so it would be nice to have someone who would guide.)

Not really looking for cliques, houses, RP guilds, or anything particularly hardcore… I’d just like folks to talk to while I do the things, intelligent people to run mythics with, and friends.

I look on the guild finder and either no one checks their apps, or I am an entire trash panda and I’m left on read. XD I don’t sit in Trade very often for the blurbs, and at this point I just don’t even know what’s out there. Halp?

Thanks for your time.


Honestly, your biggest issue is probably that youre playing Horde MoonGuard. Horde MG is astonishingly tight knit, unless you want to be another number in the roster of an open guild.

Personal recommendation would be to dabble in Alliance, find a guild you like, and then get your Horde character(s) in with their help.

Guild Finder is notoriously lack luster. I once made a new character, applied to about 20 guilds with the note “want to learn this class and make some friends” or something along those lines, and for MONTHS not one of them was approved OR denied.

Hey Malady, you could consider our guild Good Form. I linked our recruitment post below. After cross faction guilds became a thing we had some guildies change to horde. I will hound them relentlessly until my last breath for making that choice, but yeah- it’s ok. We might not be your cup of tea, but we might be worth a shot too! (Thank the light I’m not in sales!)

Check out Bottom Parse IMO.

Hello! Might I suggest this gaggle of nerds I’ve ended up with? :smiley: