Guild Recruitment

I have a distaste for how most guilds in this game are run now. They are spamming out invites to everyone that’s just minding their own business. The ‘core’ group ignores the rest of the guild, or there are just a ton of leechers.

So I have been forming a guild with a few people I have met playing the game. There are a few basic ideas that we are building it around.

We want to maintain a smaller sized guild of actually active players. We don’t want people that will just sit in the guild never participating. We will not tolerate people that act maliciously or leech from other members without returning the favor in some way. We want to try pushing raid content and M+ while implementing some things to avoid burn out.

Basically everyone that joins this guild must have played with a member of the guild in some capacity. We will not just invite random players just to boast a number.

Now I know it’s not really a sustainable way to build a guild, so to circumvent that we will conduct interviews instead. Honestly it will just be a short chat just to see what kind of person you are.

Now contrary to the serious post, we don’t actually all have sticks up our asses.
We are all in our 20s-30s and we like to smack talk each other, we keep a fun atmosphere without ever trying to actually make each other feel bad. If anything ever happens though, always blame Shauras.

If you are interested in joining, join the discord server W6fJ4P.

I tried to join the discord but it says its expired. I just started playing again after a long hiatus and started brand new. Looking for an active guild, I’m on echo isles and can’t find anyone else there anywhere on the internet apparently. Well. Other than here. Hope to hear from you soon otherwise ill search for the guild tomorrow when I’m in game. Thanks in advance.