Guild Question

Hi, I’m interested in learning how the players choose to join a specific guild.
What determines your decision to join the guild you’re in?
What’s the most (or least) important factors of a guild?

Thank you!

Some join for group activities like raiding or rated battlegrounds, some join for social reasons or leveling.

The first guild I joined was because it was my real life friends guild. Eventually, I wanted to do more progression raiding than them, so I had my main raiding character that expansion join a different guild. Then I ended up forming my own raiding guild with my now husband. We’re still in that guild although we’ve stopped raiding.

For me the most important things are:

  • Make sure the guild has the same goals as you. If you are leveling and they are only focused on max level stuff and won’t help out or answer questions, probably not a good choice. If you want to do max level stuff, make sure it’s the same (PvE or PvP focus, not everyone does both).
  • Make sure the guild personality fits with you. Some are really chill, some are intense, some are extremely immature. Some hang out in Discord and don’t type in chat. If you don’t want to voice chat, those probably wouldn’t be a good fit.
  • If you want to RP, make sure you’re on an RP server first, then find a guild that with a story you want to tell. Some are military based, some are lore based, some are really random.

Most important. If you don’t like the guild you join, /gquit. Join another.

If they actually put up a general idea of what they do as a guild (raiding at what level, Mythic +, PvP) most people I imagine go by whether their interests align with the guild they are looking to join.

At least that’s how I do it.

Finding a guild is a bit like finding a spouse.
Expect to go through a dating phase before you find “the one”.

Picking a guild is not a permanent decision. Don’t be afraid to hop around until you find one that fits your needs. You will also find your needs may change as you progress through the game.

You really want to set your own priority of what you want/need from a guild. If you find one that alligns with your criteria, you will be happier there.

Hello, I’m looking for a friendly/easygoing/fun guild to join, play most days and have higher level alts. Returning player on Fizzcrank…

This is a pretty low volume forum. Relatively few player from your realm and in your faction will see this.
I would suggest posting in the Fizzcrank ream forum.