Guild Multi-Party Communication for CTA

My guild has recently started doing the CTA quests together for fun. We run into a communication issue, however, with 10+ people having to be split into different parties to get credit for the quests. We’re all using voice on discord.

Are there any good ways to communicate to the other party where you are? We’re going to try Tom Tom, using the location above the minimap, and marking each member of the other party to make them easier to see once you’re close to them.

Just wondering if anyone had other ideas or a more efficient method.

You need 10+ people on voice coms to complete CTA quests?



With 10+ people you should be able to take over town and kill people as they zone in if your goal is to just speed through it…

Flying around with 10 people ganking a loner is pretty lame lol.


Hahaha no it’s just a way for us to all do something together. More for the fun of a group.

I haven’t done CTA where it works like that? Mostly flying around and dropping in on people or groups as they’re doing other things in war mode. You have to have a specific amount of kills for certain zones each week. That’s just what it is.

They obviously don’t need 10 people for cta. But we play the game for fun right?


I think you’re over thinking it. Once you get to a certain point it becomes like herding cats and no matter how slick your “command and control” options are players are going to go wherever they want.

If voice chat alone isn’t doing it for you…

  • coordinate via guild chat
  • create your own community and invite everyone in. Communities can have their own chat channel and that makes it easy to have guild+others in 1 channel
  • create your own chat channel “/join MyChatChannel” will join OR create that channel and then people can chat via that.
  • double voice chat for team leaders. You can be in Discord and BNet voice chat at the time same. Regular members are all in separate Discord voice chat and team leads are also there but also in the shared bnet. Team leads can talk to each other and talk to the group at the same time.
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Great advice Tink!

We formed up as a raid group and then split into parties once we were in the same zone. We made sure everyone had a marking and coordinated on voice by calling out the location name above the minimap, and just looked for the players markings once we got there.

If our group gets a lot bigger I’ll look more into your suggestions.

Exactly. And it does go faster than pugging so that’s also nice.

Discord in and of itself isn’t enough? What?!

They are alliance. So, yes. Yes, they do.


Ahh, come on now. I get mine done solo all the time.


I’m not sure what people are missing about the fact that we do the group for CTA for fun and that I was simply asking if anyone had a more efficient method of communicating.

We don’t have any trouble completing it, and have figured out a better method since I’ve made this post.

Y’all need to leave it.

Crazy how many threads there are wherein people complain about others playing with their friends. It’s an MMO


It’s the come out and play song…intended to make us get a raid.

A short list of things you can do in MMO PvP that won’t gain you respect.

  1. Targeting and killing low level people
  2. Targeting and killing undergeared people
  3. Bringing a group to kill a single player
  4. Bringing a raid to kill a single group

You can do these things, but its probably best to just keep it to yourself.

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Not directed at you, but it always amazes me how some people associate removal of all risk for themselves with fun.

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I mean I get that fully. But my comment was for these guys really. How much more fun is it to have 10 guildies running around doing the cta and killing then having 2 raids lagging a zone down? Yeah they don’t need 10. They can do it with 5 I’m sure. But at that point it’s about having fun. U know the peeps u are pvping with and I’m sure are in voice with them. It’s totally different imo than just 10 or more pugs going around a zone ganking.

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And on your list I only do these things if it’s someone or affiliation of a guild I dislike. I don’t care about ilvl it lvl at that point. It’s not about the pvp it’s about stirring the pot so to speak haha.

Dude if u come to this part of forums u are going to find some salty people that find any reason to complain or whine about something.

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