Guild Idea - Nordic/Skyrim Feel/Theme

Hey guys. Been pondering an idea for a guild that parallels the Companions from skyrim but in a WoW setting. Would be for those vrykul/northerner/ barbarian types to join, not looking to be huge but just have regular active members. With Stromgarde likley being our home and with it potentially getting made an active alliance town would be neato as we can interact with other Lordaeron area guilds. Already got a little support from some guilds in game with the idea just seeing if there is a wider interest from the MG community and if anyone would like to help build it.


Sounds neat! It’d have a lot of event ideas.

Alliance would not be welcome in Lordaeron, truth be told. Now unless they arent actually aligned with the Alliance, and are independent, then certainly. Though any groups within Lordaeronian regions controlled by the Forsaken would likely be watched with suspicion.

Its not a horde guild

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And? If you’re still basing in an area controlled by the Forsaken, especially if it isn’t Horde, lore-wise it would not be allowed.

“Lordaeron Area” encompasses most of everything North of the Thandol Span and south of Eversong. There are pleanty of areas within that massive zone that aren’t even close to anything controlled by the Forsaken.

Also, as a guild they don’t have to choose to interact with horde guilds or participate with that section of server canon.


It’s not server canon. It’s lore. And I did state the areas controlled by the Forsaken, which is defined as Tirisfal, and northern Silverpine, as well as a large portion of Hillsbrad. Now obviously they can go to places like the Hinterlands, or Arathi, or even places in EPL and WPL.

Ok i think i see where your going. You think I wanna set up shop and rp in actual forsaken held territories like u listed above? I was more speaking about alliance guilds centred around stromguard, maybe eastern plaguelands or western. Lore-wise bfa alliance won battle of stromgarde so my idea was to have us accomodated there in a inn or something as our base and we interact with Kingdom of Stromgarde etc and other alliance guilds who rp in and around the region.

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Ahhh ok! That makes perfect sense! Well, I certainly wish you luck with that guild plot.

Sounds awesome to me. I was going to start one up myself like this but haven’t gotten to it yet. Life and all that. But I’m highly interested in this.

Honestly, have you considered Northrend?

Grizzly Hills or even Howling Fjord? I think it would fit the theme better for something Nordic/Skyrim. Nords in that lore never really wanted to be aligned with anyone but got shoehorned, so being a group that is horde or alliance over neutral seems odd to me.

Plus, Northrend is beautiful, under used, and I have seen several people looking for guilds based up there.


Like me! Really would love to see a guild based there :smiling_face:

I think your concept sounds cool, WulfgĂ´re :ok_hand:

I met one last night, Archduchy of Northgarde. They are out of Dragonblight. Brand new, but talking to them, the concept seemed pretty solid.

Well I am starting the guild today. If you wish to help me build it I am going to be quite active. Apply on guild finder with a note of refrence.

What’s the name?

I am curious to know that as well :slight_smile:

I’ve kept an eye out for these guys. Have not seen them around yet - but will continue to look. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: