Guild for a returning player after many years

Hi all,

I am coming back after a long, long break from the game. I used to play alliance but am switching to horde for a change of pace. I just made a Tauren priest, and I am looking for an active guild. I’m new to the RP style but would like to give it a shot as well. I’m very interested in leveling and taking in more of the lore this time around.

Any guidance in finding a nice guild that would support me would be great! Thank you.

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Welcome to the dark side Horde and to the crazy world of RP in particular!

As for guidance finding a nice guild: I’ve always been of the opinion that the best way is to jump out there feet first to do some RP in the wild, see which groups you gel with, seem to be having regular events, attend a few to see if you enjoy them, and then inquire about joining them. It’s not the fastest process, but it is the one that’ll generally result in the least guild hopping. Most guilds I know of are open to people just getting into the Horde RP scene, as well.

Having a firm idea regarding your character and the kind of RP/gameplay and OOC guild environment you’re looking for really helps too.

Here’s a list of many Horde guilds that are looking for new folks!

Thank you for the kind reply! I will take your advice and go out in to the world and see what friendly faces I find.

I will take a look at the link you provided as well.

Hey Milito,
Red Wolves is recruiting somes 18+ and mature players. We are around 10 members. We are a little bit PvE but RP oriented for the most. We have a event planned for this saturday at 1AM EST time. We are active after midnight EST time. We accept 1 alt per player. We got a Discord.

Our RP backstory is a wolfpack thats’ look to help Horde citizen in need. We might get it better through. We look for Orcs mostly but we accept every races.

You can Whisper me(Gunghar) around midnight. I’m usually on around midnight. Hope to have you in!