Guild Bank Missing Gold after Realm Connections

Except it wasn’t closed. It’s the standard response being given to most tickets at the moment because the GMs are working from home. It isn’t bad customer service. You not liking the reply doesn’t make it bad service. Bad customer service is not getting a reply at all.

They give a list of basic troubleshooting steps that resolve a lot of issues. They give you the option of reopening your ticket if the steps given don’t resolve it.

You personally maybe. Others, no. I’ve seen a lot of posts by players complaining because there’s “no response” from a GM because of the queues. They say that Blizzard needs to hire more GMs. That the response time is bad customer service.

Again, that’s your perspective. The steps in the letter resolve a lot of cases. If a GM answered the ticket directly, in most cases those are the same steps they would give the player to resolve it. Plus players get a faster response with this letter than they would otherwise.

Your reference to metrics is way off base. Speedy answers and number of tickets handled are good, but resolved issues and customer satisfaction are as important, if not more so.

I get that you are frustrated, but floating conspiracy theories about metrics doesn’t help anyone. It just makes you look rude.


I just received the following reply (after having to re-open the ticket):

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, David.

I understand it’s frustrating when in-game activities don’t work as intended and I am sorry you were affected by an issue like this. We have received multiple reports of this happening to other players and I can confirm it is not working as designed. We’ve passed it over to our QA and Developers and we’re hoping to have a permanent fix in very soon.

With this being a complicated database matter, it is unfortunately outside of the hands of us lowly Customer Support people, but I’ve made sure to pass on your details for further investigation to be added to our escalation.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime.

However, I see that other GMs replied to other people with this issue saying that it was a display issue with an add-on. I’m not complaining that they’re raising the issue to DEV, but I’m wondering if it will ever get resolved. Am I just out the 500k gold?

Hopefully now that it is a known issue, but that will be up to what the developers can find.


We see this variance in responses when a new issue arises and investigation is still ongoing. For example, Game Masters saying it may be a display issue are usually providing troubleshooting advice (such as the UI Reset suggested earlier in this post). If it turns out that this does not solve the problem, then the Game Masters know there is something else going on.

So, right now this is being reviewed by the WOW team. I don’t have an ETA to share on when it might be sorted out but they are on the case.


I responded to this in the locked thread.

What it means is that they want to address the issue overall, rather than try to fix the issue on a case-by-case basis. Some manual fixes can cause the issue to break further.

With this happening after a realm connection, it could happen with other realm connections. They would want to have it addressed now so that either it doesn’t happen next time, or they have an additional process to run after the next connection is made.

Sometimes you just need to give it time, be it a day, to a week, to a month, or longer. We tend to expect things to be fixed instantly (or nearly so) when it come to technology, but that often isn’t the case. The amount of data that the WOW Team needs to go through to locate this issue, and then find a solution could very well be staggering, and take a few tries to correct.

We all understand that you (and everyone else affected) wants their gold back, but have some patience, and let the Team work their magic.

It’s been a while since we did realm connections, and part of the reason has been because we wanted to avoid a lot of the problems we encountered the last time we did them. So, those previous issues were closely examined so similar problems could be avoided with those systems.

That said, we have avoided some big issues! But, a lot of things in WOW have changed since the last time we did connections. One thing was guilds and communities - they have received a few updates. So we’re paying real close attentions to these after realm connections happen to make sure we are catching any unusual occurrences.

The reports that have been submitted have been super helpful, so thank you all! Hopefully it’ll be corrected soon.


This restores my faith. I really appreciate you all taking the time out to discuss what’s going on with the community. Knowing that you guys are looking into it is encouraging. Thank you!


Got a response that WoW knows that this is an issue and that they are looking into it. No news on when we will get our gold back that WoW glitched, if we ever get it back. AND here is the next news. Before this is fixed, WoW is planing to merge more realms. Which means more tickets on guilds missing their gold and more people having duplicates in the AH.

I think the merges should be put on hold until these issues are fixed.

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they can’t give you information which they don’t have.

similar issues in the past have been rectified, with players getting back anything which was “lost”.

there’s no reason to believe this will be any different.

which means they’re reasonably confident that they’ve figured out what caused the issue, and don’t expect it to happen again.

…but just because that’s the case, it doesn’t mean it’s a quick fix to retroactively fix damage which has already been done.


Not very much happiness here in Mudville for me unfortunately. I received a totally different response (See below) and am really getting worried that I am out that 1.3M Gold :frowning:

Hello again James,

Gamemaster XXXXXXX here. And thank you for contecting us.

Like requested I doublechecked our logs, and was unable to find any evidence of a loss like you descriped, so that we are unable to help you any further with this. Sorry that I didnt have better news for you.

Kind regards,

Lots of spelling / grammar errors, but assume it is just someone that doesn’t speak english as a first language? Also, it is extremely lacking in information compared to previous responses. It’s basically “Yeah I don’t see anything, good day”

I literally have screenshots of the WOW UI showing the errors in the Money Log, the balances, and details. Not really sure what more I can do? I just re-opened the ticket and spelled it out short and sweet with dates / details. With 3 days in between responses, and nobody to actually confirm to me that they are doing anything… I don’t know anymore.

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I would keep putting in tickets until you get the gold back. I am still not happy because I have yet to get my gold back. I will be sending in tickets every few days until I get my gold returned. I even told them that I would give them an invite to my guild so they can see the logs directly and see how much gold is in the bank. Do not give up.

I would highly recomend against doing this or recemending it 1 ticket is all you need and it was recorded more tickets will probably be considered GM harrassment and will result in you being unable to open further tickets.


I’m trying to be calm/cool/collected with them in the response. I guess some of my vitriol is really coming out on here as it seems like a better location to vent. I understand that the personnel answering the tickets are probably pretty inundated with tickets and issues. I just get worried when I see I am having the same issue as several others, but we are each getting different responses from different people.

So you are saying that we are to just take the loss and get on with our life. Not going to happen. They messed up and a lot of people lost their gold. They can not just say “Oh well, we can not do anything so you do not get your gold back.” You do know that gold is worth real money. Right now about 120,000 gold is worth $20 US dollars. If this was to happen in a real life bank, where there was a glitch and people lost their money, there would be lawsuits. Just because this is a game does not mean that it is nothing. I am not having to grind even harder to make up for the gold that WoW glitched out. I am saving up for the AH mount and 400,000 gold is a hard hit for me. My family gave me some of the gold but I earned the rest of it. So I am not going to sit back and say “Oh Well, stuff happens.” I am standing up and saying that I want my gold back that they lost.

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So you rather not be able to play at all because they close your account for GM harassment? Yes, I get it, you’re mad, but acting like this won’t make it appear, they’re not in the habit of making money appear out of thin air.

Shoving ticket into the system, let alone telling others to do such, won’t make it any better. No one on the forums can make the gold appear, the GMs ain’t allow to fill a request like this without the green light from the devs for many reasons.


I will point out this. With all these issues due to a merge, they are still merging realms without fixing the current issues.

A lot of people lost their gold. Blizzard is not going to give a massive ban for people asking where their gold is. Blizzard needs the income and will not do a massive ban. Instead, they will continue to look into it. If people just sit back and say “Oh well, I lost my gold but there is nothing that can be done,” then nothing will be done and there will be other glitches and WoW will not look into those also. They messed up and need to be held accountable for their mistake.

We have a right to ask what is being done about this issue. We have a right to know if they are still looking into it or if they decided to just say that they are not going to bother with seeing that we get our gold back.

When I first opened the ticket, I was told that I needed to research why I was missing gold from my guild. I was directed to look at forums about hacked accounts when I had told them in the first place that no one was hacked. I told this that this was response from them was not satisfactory. I was then told that it was my addons that glitched out the gold. I told them that I do not use addons, they just assumed that I used addons without even asking if I used any. I let them know that I was not happy with that response. Now I am told that it is a huge issue and that it is being looked into on being hot fixed. That the GMs are not allowed to give out gold. Nothing on if I will be given back my gold or when. So I am assuming that they are saying that I will not get my gold back. I find this response to not be satisfactory. I will not let my ticket be tossed in the trash. I am not harassing. I am just asking that they do not forget about me and the others. I am asking for when the gold will be refunded.

I do not understand why they continue to merge realms while this is a problem. It means that there will be other guilds missing gold and then more tickets. Best to fix the issue before continuing to make more problems.

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And yet they continue to ban tens of thousands of accounts at a time for botting.

Because they need the income.


Well, there’s your problem.


OK, not sure how this occured so quickly, but I just received a response to my re-opened ticket request (Literally like a hour, when had been waiting 3 days):

Game Master XXXXXXXX here, I got your ticket saying a log of gold seems to have gone missing from the guild bank. I can definitely understand the frustration this can bring. I know what it’s like when things don’t seem to work as they should, so I get where you are coming from on this.

I did some digging into this and it does seems that there are several reports of guilds on newly connected realms that are reporting their gold amount to be lower than before, which seems to be what your forum post link is referencing as well. Currently, there isn’t a workaround or solution to this that is available, however this is something that is being actively looked into by the development team. If you have not already, I encourage to send in an in-game bug report or add to a forum post regarding this subject as well:

While I know that waiting for a fix on something is definitely not fun, I encourage to keep an eye out on those forum threads for when updates to this are made available.

So that brings my BP down a little bit. Again, similar to you Goldcup in that it doesn’t mean we are getting anything back, but it is on the radar.

I guess my question is, do I do anything else? My ticket was marked as “Answered” which I believe means unless I reopen it that likely nothing else will happen to it? I’ll save all the ticket numbers and e-mails just in case. Will update if I hear anything else.

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