Guild Bank and Character Bag oddities post merger

Logged in today after the server merger was completed for my realm and noticed that the guild bank inventory was rolled back to at least a day ago. Further, noticed that the Guild Bank log was jumbled/out of order: 17 days then 15 days then 3 days etc etc.

The big thing that jumped out at me was that on my last tab, my ore tab, there was a bunch of white trillium ore, black trillium ore, and ghost iron ore. I had refined all of that the day before the merge. Also, I only have one Living Steel in the bank and I should have 3. But, if there was a roll back I may have been refunded the trillium bars used to make them.

Sadly, I just can’t tell if anything is actually but I’m concerned that I may have lost items and having seeing several threads on the official forums about it, I’m adding my instance to the list.

Also, some character to character oddities:

  • All of the characters that are members of the Brew of the Month Club had a brew of the month in the mail.
  • Several characters had items moved from their backpack to the first bag with an empty slot.
  • Some characters had items added to the backpack: Recycled Crawler Manifold(every max level toon), Vessel of Horrific Visions, and Chain Ignitercoil are a few that stood out.
  • All pending work orders in my WoD garrison were cleared out: tailoring, mining, herb garden.

Ticket ID US74855186

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Tamalpais, this occurred to several people last week in those realm connections as well. Some with extra items, some missing items, some missing large amounts of gold. I had the same exact issue with my guild bank money and item logs. They were way old (3 weeks plus) with nothing recent. That and it was short 1.3M gold. Almost like it had reverted back to some previous point in time. Good luck, and please provide any update you may hear from Blizzard.

P.S. the first standard response to any ticket, seems to be a generic template telling you to go research the forums or check Wowhead. Recommend re-opening for real response if that occurs.

Hey there! Our team is aware of this issue after the connected realms merge. We’ve confirmed with several cases that the items, gold, and bank are showing correctly on our internal tools, but in-game it isn’t appearing properly. This seems to only be a display issue, so hopefully our team can quickly resolve the issue.

I just wanted you all to know that our team is aware of the problem and working on it. This isn’t a technical issue though, and any new reports or information will be on #support:bug-report forums.


Thanks for the info and for replying. Definitely not a major issue, for me, but its nice to hear from a blue anyway.

With regards to where to post issues like this in the future: Will do.

No worries, Tamalpais! Some bugs do look technical, so feel free to post here if it seems like something we can troubleshoot :slight_smile: We can always provide information if it is a known issue our team is aware either way!