Guardians of the Dream is Now Live!

This is why we cant have nice things…

All of the preamble with Norzdormu and time unraveling has pointed to the real threat to the Emerald Dream and dreamers:

Alarm clocks

Sweet dreams are made of this

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And here we are

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It does not matter if they cannot even get the realms up. Maybe it’s
not just the Dream that is corrupt!~

And there it is… another hour to try and have it up and running. I would be surprised if it’s
not 10 pm or later before it is up…

Give the Outsourced IT a break… they arent on the clock yet

Twirling our fingers… or paws or claws…

Well it would be nice to be able just to play the game since the update can’t get past the log in screen it says logging in and never goes any where

A lot of whining here, as usual

You guys need to disable the limit on Whelpling Dream crests, this season limit thing just sucks so bad.