Guardian Tree is Dumpster Worthy

The new plays style is also horrible.

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I mean its basically the same.


The Guardian spec tree is bad, the class tree is also bad if you play bear.

The fixes they made do it in the last couple of weeks is a step in the right direction, but the routing is still awful, lots of dead talents. Bottom sections are all isolated, all gated by one point nodes that don’t even work (berserk talents don’t work with incarn talented)

The 50% aura is a lazy solution / band-aid, hopefully they are going to re-work for 10.1.


Being realistic, broken specs have previosuly stayed broken and unfinished for several expacs.

Blizz have a history of not bothering fixing stuff, but they are good at propaganda.

So yeah i doubt guardian will get a fix this expac…


I am continually confused by claims that “the new playstyle” is horrible; it’s the same playstyle that Bear has had for a long, long time - at least since legion in 2016, so verging on 6-7 years.

What are the “new” parts that make it horrible? The one maul every 10 seconds? I don’t like maul but it hardly changes how the class feels to play. It’s the first time since they’ve been trying to push maul on us for the last 3 expansions that it has enough effect to be worth using at all.

I would venture that right now is the best bear has been in atleast those 7 years, and is certainly the strongest it has been. The tree is absolutely not without issues; it’s far too hard to travel between edges and the various clusters are simply not close to balanced against each other, but assuming you’re picking somewhat optimally the spec is unbelievably strong right now.

I’m not sure what fix you think that guardian needs, but the most likely fix that it will get is a nerf to after the wildfire, and certainly not any kind of buff (besides bringing up underperforming talents).

Bear is not remotely broken in terms of a dysfunctional state. It is extremely strong. It is also very easy (relative to most other tanks) to play, which means that it is likely to be extremely popular too.


Oh im not talking about more buffs. I predicted a while before those aura buffs that instead of fixing the spec they would just wildly buff it…and they did.

The toolkit of bears is severly lacking compared to other tanks. The talent choises are dull and…well choises are lacking. 3 point nodes …

So instead of making the talent trees good they just wildly buffed it…even though its still not top dps tank its now more powerful, but has weak toolkit, uninspired & uninteresting talent choises. That is my opinion anyways…you are free to disagree by all means ^^

It’s the stuff we’ve lost access to because we have to choose between two things we always had. Or things like locking something we need behind multiple talents that can’t even be used while tanking.


I still think it’s better than it was in SL, even if it isn’t great at the moment.


The only thing we’ve really lost is decurse.

The tree is a mess but not because we lost things, but rather because we didn’t get 10 new things like some other classes did (eg warriors).


What do you mean by this?

Try prot paladin and bear looks amazing. I dont even cast frenzied regen but my prot paladin falls over in same instances if I don
t manage my holy spender properly.


Yea, my tank ranking is still Warr = VDH > BDK > “new” (buffed) Guardian >> Pally >> BrM.

Fortunately both Warr and VDH are really fun on top of being borderline OP so the choice of “which tank to level first” is pretty easy.

You need to be more specific. What specific things did we used to have together that we now don’t?

There are far, far MORE things that we did NOT used to have together that we now do, as far as I can see.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the trees are good; they aren’t. 3 point talents are dumb and shouldn’t exist. But one thing the new trees have achieved in spades is mashing together tonnes of previously existing extra power in combinable ways (more even in other specs/classes, but still in bear too).

Why is the toolkit “severely lacking”?
We have:
After the wildfire is INSANE group support
1 minute roar
Heart of the wild for niche healing spots
Nature’s Vigil
Mass root/vortex
3% vers if we are tthe only druids

So, what utility are you talking about? We certainly don’t have LESS support than before. We might have less at any given time, but that is the point of the new trees; if you need something at a given time, spec for it.


I mean the talent tree as it stands makes it unlikely you’ll take decurse as a guardian druid, so effectively it’s an ability we used to have that we no longer have.

After the wildfire effectively makes it mandatory for Bears to go down the boomkin route to get the range increase (which affects ATW) so you won’t have enough points to take decurse as well.


Yeah… no.

You’re on your own with that train of thought.

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I’m confused. The DMG feels good I mean hitting over 175k on aoe was nice… I don’t need healers in dungeons due to regrowth procts that heal for tons.

I don’t see the thing that’s causing this claim other then people just bored with a rotation.
Feels like bear to me. Better healing and survival.

Feels better the SL to me.


You would have to give up either Typhoon, Ursol’s Vortex or Heart Of The Wild in order to take Remove Corrupion in M+. Given that Astral Influence increases the range on After The Wildfire it seems unlikely that many Guardians will be putting points into the resto branch unless their group has no other decurse.$zyyyAedmoookkjiBBJxCHK0GGGDsP1TE+*

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Ya most people are actually going balance side instead of resto. Typhoon has so many uses and the increased range is very very good aswell.

Oh no…. Not that.

Even if they do.
I’m still using mine.

All dispels have a cooldown and often the healer has bigger priorities such as magic debuffs/dots.

Being able to do it myself for curse/poison effects is more efficient and not worth passing up for quality of life talents that dont have any change to my toolkit. …not to mention it’s a piss poor attitude to have.

Why are you guys in here speaking for all druids?

You don’t.

Because if you look at builds thats what alot of people are doing. Especially since typhoon and increased range is locked behind that.

Do you not actually look into details on what and how things are used for any spec?
Instead of taking a very good low cd knockback you think more people will take a cleanse that at most has 1 or 2 uses in a dungeon…