Guardian druid on life support

And we are about to flat line. Help plz


No argument here. We aren’t on life support, but we are not in a good place.


Just healed a +14 with a guardian druid and he was doing fine. You are over exagerating


All tanks dps and healer can do 20+ just fine.



lmao even

Being able to complete a 20 doesn’t make being a D tier tank okay while the other are all A-S tier. The “don’t ask for better” crowd sure likes to chime in a lot.


+20s are the high end of keys right now. So being able to complete them is a good indicator a spec is okay.

Now on that note, guardians feel pretty good rn if they’re playing smart. They have difficulties at times but they’re vibing.


The biggest problem, as we know. Why choose a Druid if you’ve been reading and see other tank classes rated higher.

We are fine, but we aren’t great. Rage starved we are. And Rage is our lifeblood.


I think the two core problems this season, are that the tank trinkets are pretty bad compared to last season’s, and the new set bonus is equally terrible. I’m doing /okay/, but I came into the new season with nearly max ilvl 4 piece from last season, and some very good tank trinkets.

Feels kind of bad that I probably can’t actually replace 4 gear slots until I have all 4 pieces of new tier, and probably only once I’ve got them at fairly high ilvl. They really need to rethink the new set bonus.


Because not a single one of you is going for the worlds highest keys and/or are playing in MDI. Therefore playing the meta isn’t necessary if you enjoy playing your spec.


more “why ask for better” type people

If the Bear is still running last season’s tier set there isn’t a problem. The new tier set is still bugged because it doesn’t register melee hits for bosses. There will come a point where ilvl is greater than last season’s tier and that is where the rub will be. Blizzard is aware but a fix has not been announced.

Things can be buffed to compensate for weaknesses, but inherently every spec should have it’s own weakness.

Doomers like you that think (like all of Dreamgrove in general) that if the spec isn’t S++++ #1 spec in the world tier, that it’s useless.

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I will have the 4 piece set from heroic by next week. 2 pieces from tier coins I got and hopefully 1 from vault. I’ll use my existing from normal. I’m wearing the 2 piece form Raid Finder along with much higher gear IVLV other gear. My DPS is almost cut in half from last season. My rage generation is pure crap. I can’t keep ironfur stacked.

We can tank, but we’ve lost a lot of dps.

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I am on my Prot Pally for Raid Progression so I haven’t played my Bear a ton this patch but I haven’t noticed a DPS or Rage loss and I am still running the old (now nerfed) tier set. The only thing that changed for us spec wise is Blood Frenzy is capped at 5 targets but now grants 3 rage per tick (was 2); Frenzied Regeneration now is not affect by any external Healing Mod (our talents do work on it); Mangle provides 12 rage instead of 10.

Also GG/TM interaction is back from Season 1. Dreamgrove Discord has a pin on it explaining the rage generation. Are you letting GG consume itself?

10.2 update on Galactic Guardian and Twin Moon

It turns out that with 10.2 there has been a change with how GG interacts with TM

If you let GG consume itself the extra moonfire cast by TM will benefit from the extra damage/rage you get via the buff this only applies if the TM moonfire is cast, and therefore is 2 target and onwards only

This means that GG/TM are now very solid option to run for damage and more importantly for rage generation
We go back to the old 10.0 gameplay where we talent GG/TM instead of FC, and don’t think about it at all and profit from free extra damage/rage

With this in mind assuming no haste on a 6 second cycle (ie one cast of mangle/thrash, 2 ticks of BF, and 3 GG procs) in aoe:

you will have superior to net neutral rage generation till 8 targets without GG/TM

you will have superior to net neutral rage generation till 14 targets with GG/TM

talents strings have been updated to reflect this.

Credit to Sunbearable and Friends of the Dreamgrove Discord.

I will probably play around on the Bear in my spare time but not really try to push anything until the new tier is fixed. People have already cleared 24’s as Bear so it can still be used with coordinated groups.

Also I have to insert the obligatory tongue-in-cheek response of “Top 6 Tank for sure.”

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Guardian Druid is dead, and everyone knows it. They are the worst tank by a country mile. Only play if you’re ok with being the worst at what you do, and you have a strong friend group to run keys with.

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Nuty, I dont recall asking them to make them that? Just not make them D teir. Gotta add stuff to argue your point mate?

Guess we’re just ignoring how a guardian is timing the same keys as every other tank. Even crazier when he’s playing a comp that literally no one else is. AND using one of the worst M+ healer right now.

Guess guardian is unplayable. You’d do great in the Dreamgrove discord with the doomposting when a spec isn’t the #1 spec by a mile.

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Anyone that says that any class is “unplayable” is just talking out of their starfish.

Unplayable at what range of content?


Goes over peoples head when you say Guardian is the weakest tank. Getting sent the rank 1 Guardian druids in a sea of Dh tanks. “Erm I saw one clear x thing”, wild mate didn’t say they couldn’t. Still the worst of the tank, especially in raid.

The part I’m really having issue with is that the Dream Thorns disappear when you engage a boss.

This means that either you don’t have a tier bonus for the last pull before every boss fight so you have RotS up for the pull, OR you don’t have a tier bonus for however much of RotS’ CD is left when you pull a boss.

Or, you sit and wait for your CD before a boss pull… I’m sure M+ groups will be thrilled with that.

Why they remove Dream Thorns I do not understand.

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