Guardian Druid Feedback

(Yime) #822
I don't understand why they haven't just hotfixed in a bit more damage for Guardian at the very least. I understand that new spells and major talent changes have to wait for a proper patch, but they could address our garbage-tier threat with a hotfix.

I switch off between my DH and my Druid for raid tanking (I "main" my DH but Druid is my real main since vanilla and heaven help me I'm sticking with this class until I stop playing the game altogether, so I'm trying to keep gear parity with my DH) and on my DH I don't have any problems with threat but on my bear I am constantly having to fight for threat against my Brew co-tank.

Orange parses for my DPS and I'm having to fight for threat. It's ridiculous.

(Tewa) #823
We were the lowest-DPS, lowest-threat tanks throughout all of Legion, too. They didn't do anything about that for the entire expansion.

(Nightsage) #824
Well warriors got a few buffs to armor and stamina and now for mastery for critical block. They need more than that but a least is is something. Can the devs please address guardian druids.

(Nooblol) #825
10/02/2018 02:41 PMPosted by Tewa
We were the lowest-DPS, lowest-threat tanks throughout all of Legion, too. They didn't do anything about that for the entire expansion.

Is the threat portion of Moonfire still bugged like it was in Legion? Does anyone know?

(Brokenclaws) #826
Would really like some dev feedback on what they plan on doing with Guardian. We are the lowest of +15 and the 2nd lowest on +10s by a significant margin. We need to be brought up to atleast DH/Paladin level. Blood/Brew need to be brought down a notch, not to the ground but they are far above every other tank.

(Naros) #827
10/02/2018 02:27 PMPosted by Yime
Orange parses for my DPS and I'm having to fight for threat. It's ridiculous.

This is very real and its absolutely ridiculous.

I have started to favor doing sims where I pick the highest damage azerite traits possible (which are the random generic ones) to come close to trying to maintain any reasonable threat buffer and even then its dicey.

When I am parsing 98% / 99% / 100% of my item level and ranking in the top 100 parses for Guardians for my item level, there really isn't anything else I can do. This is in your hands Blizzard and it really should be addressed.

(Nightsage) #828
This expansion reminds me of the beginning of WOD when we were just as ineffective. Again, bears at the very least need a damage buff to ST to maintain threat and a few more utility options to bring us more in line with the 4 leading tanks. There are a plethora of good suggestions on this posting on how to "fix" us. It would be nice to get a blue response.

(Duskhawk) #829
Maybe replace lunar beam with rage of the sleeper, and/or give us ursol's vortex? Maybe let us use our decurse in bear form??? Maybe a small ST dps increase?

All these QOL issues that could be addressed, yet there is absolutely no response to bear's state.

(Abruof) #830
The devs obviously had their parents mauled by bears as a child, and are getting revenge where they can

(Morrie) #831
It would be really nice if we could at least see some hotfixes to our damage and perhaps increase mastery by some amount.

I think the bare minimum we need right now is:

Give us back Rage of the Sleeper (including the CC immunity)
Return the snare to Thrash
Increase the damage of all of our abilities by at least 15-20%
Increase armor and stamina in bear form by maybe 5-10%

This is just the minimum -- if we get none of these there will eventually just not be any Guardian parses at all anywhere because we'll all switch to Death Knights instead.

(Wildsong) #832
10/05/2018 04:54 AMPosted by Morrie
we'll all switch to Death Knights instead

I have a 120 alt Prot Pally, Brewmaster monk and I'm leveling a 111 Blood DK.

It's Night and Day.

1. Mobility
2. Damage
3. Threat
4. Usefull defensive CDs
5. Utility
6. Crowd Control
7. Magical damage Reduction
8. Self-sustain
9... even one of them gotta a Brezz

This druid is my main for long 13 years. I saw a lot of ups and downs... never in 3 of 4 specs and never on every single aspect of what a tank should be doing.

(Pinehardt) #833
One of the biggest frustrations I have right now as a Guardian Druid is that there has been literally no communication from Blizz about our spec since BFA was in Alpha.

We've been bringing up these issues for over 6 months now, and the only thing close to a response were vague references to "other specs that will be worked on in 8.1".

Well, 8.1 datamining is starting and there is still nothing for us bears.

In the short term, Bears NEED a threat buff ASAP. Yes we need a lot more than that, but as DPS specs become more and more geared and start to out-scale us, it's getting harder and harder for us to actually do our jobs and tank mobs. (If a Bear tank is bad at tanking mobs then what is the point of our spec)

In the long term, Blizzard needs to take a long hard look at Bears and actually figure out what our niche is. Ion in particular has stressed how important it is for every spec to have "something" that makes a group glad to have brought that spec.

In Legion, it was that we were amazing meatshields (with our strong mitigation and massive HP pools), and because we could help the entire raid move in/out of mechanics with Stampeding Roar.

In BFA, Demon Hunter's Rival our HP (RIP meatshield class fantasy) Monks completely dominate us in the mitigation department, and Stampeding Roar's range is so small, we're lucky if we can help a couple of melee (granted we absolutely deserved the cooldown nerf).

What are we supposed to be good at? Why should any group be happy they brought a bear instead of any other tank class in the game? As of right now, the only thing I can think of is "at least you arn't a prot-warrior"....but even then Prot warriors are out performing us in M+

We have NOTHING special over other thanks. Yes we have some utility (most of which is clunky to use due to shapeshift restrictions), and yes our mitigation is still good, but when every other tank is able to do it better than us, why bring a Bear at all?

(Nooblol) #834
....but even then Prot warriors are out performing us in M+

Prot Warriors at least do very good dps, they are bad in mitigation and self sustain but threat/dps wise they are miles ahead of guardian.

(Glastian) #835
Blizzard these bois need buffs!

(Grazda) #836
Blizzard these bois need buffs! Please hear this. ,So I think what made a difference with this thread getting attention from Blizzard vs the Azerite is the Worst Gearing Ever post is the obscene amount of like that opening post has. We gotta drown this thread in likes too. Otherwise it’s too easy to dismiss as a whine thread.

Seriously Blizzard, you need to get in contact with your players.

(Urigellanozd) #837
My internal sources say that the same dev team that is responsible for hunter pets is also responsible for bears. Unfortunately we are at the bottom of their list. But they will take a look at guardians as soon as they added the strongly needed new color variants to all available hunter pets. Word is that this can happen as soon as Q4 2023. So there is still hope for us in the expansion after next.

(Prime) #838
I like to think that there are 7 catagories that tanks can excel in.

1) Mitigation
2) Self healing/recovery
3) Damage output
4) Support utility
5) Control utility
6) Kiting potential
7) Magic defense

Druids excel in only one category, mitigation. They are decent in support utility, bringing battle res, group sprint, and offheals/cleanse, but those tools aren't always able to be used, and support is probably the least important thing a tank can bring. Druids are weak or average in every other catagory.

Death knights for example excel in at least 4 of those catagories, maybe 5. Out of 7.

I think blizzard should focus on choosing which of those catagories they want bears to excel in, and give us strengths in at least 2 others. I would prefer damage and control, but that's just me.

(Lecro) #839
The fact that we're this far along into BfA release with many classes/specs lacking fundamental aspects of their role or being wholly uncompetitive regardless of skill level in certain promoted content like m+ is disappointing.

Are the Devs not aware of the anger on the forums from those classes not updated in 8.0? Even a blue post similar to Elemental Shaman saying "we acknowledge an issue exists and this is the roadmap and timeline to fixing it" would be a courtesy the player base is not afforded.

The raw data being presented in this thread from raider.IO and other similar third party sites proves there are fundamental issues and many suggestions from guardians in this thread have offered a reasoned and balances suggestions on how to revamp and restore guardian in a similar fashion that all the other tank specs saw in BfA alpha/Beta process.

(Yime) #840
All I want right now is a blue post that says, "We're aware that Guardian Druid players feel their spec is incomplete, and we have observed that Guardian damage and threat is lagging 15-20% behind other tanks. While we have no specific plans to share right now, you will see these concerns addressed as the 8.1 PTR goes on."

Wow, I have low standards.

(Yime) #841
Anyone want to make a nice comprehensive post on the subreddit, btw? Might get more results than this 800+ comment thread that some blue clearly set to "hide".