Guardian Druid cant decide

Anyone out there feeling that Guardian druid is a safe tank for pushing keys and raiding on the side? I am torn between them and a prot pally. I know pally isnt sitting very well at the moment, but feels more interactive then druid.

Both suck from a fun perspective. VDH, BDK, and Prot Warrior are all immensely more fun than Guardian and Pally.

Viability wise, bear will be fine unless it gets hit hard with the nerf bat. Prot Pally will be fine too, just not as good on damage/tankiness. Pally will provide more overall utility for pugging, but only in the hands of a skilled player.

Well bears are missing the utility/cc that the other tanks have, but got massivly tuned on the dmg. So they good now, but if scaling doesnt keep up they wont have anything to offer.

So its good atm, but kinda uncertain how long it will stay that way.

Bear is perfectly fine, actually its considered to be the second or third best tank in m+.


This is the number one reason not to ask what you should play and to play what you want. I wish Blizzard would share the official polls that they make everyone complete every time they log into the game.

“This class is the best” - They

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Hey i have played bear when its the worst and when its the best. Im just saying its perfectly fine too play, and thankfully got buffed from the horrible state it was in.

I am not questioning your playtime on Guardian or even your enjoyment of it. I hope that you enjoy whatever class and spec that you decided to invest in for Dragonflight.

I was referring to statements like

“actually its considered to be the second or third best tank in m+.”

WHO is doing the actual consideration? Some random streamer, a Guardian main, a world first tank, a healer, a dps, someone that knows everything about tanking, someone that knows nothing about tanking? It is statements like this that cause public perception to be biased towards a class/spec (pro or con) when it shouldn’t be.

TL;DR Say’s Who?

If people actually think a teir list in this game means viable or not then the person is just a moron.

Then again this is the wow community it is filled with quite a few that have no clue about anything.

I’m brand new to tanking, but I’m having a blast with Guardian. With several low CD and high mitigation cooldown it’s just easy to bounce from group to group.

I tried to get into warrior at the end of SL, but they have too many buttons. Guardian has -just enough- buttons IMO to be fun.