Guardian Druid are scaled entirely to much

Blizzard, this is out of hand. You HAVE to nerf guardian druids by a huge amount before season 1 starts. This is absurd. Not only are they literally topping damage and pumping insane dps numbers, they are also topping healing numbers at the same time being near unkillable.

Like, guardians aren’t doing mediocre damage and mediocre healing while having good survivability. They are straight up doing more or equal damage to the top dps in the game and equal healing to the top healers in the meta. This is ridiculous.

Not only in BG’s but Arena’s, and warmode/wpvp also. This HAS to be fixed prior to season 1 going live.


god I hope they listen!!! this spec is horrible to face so OP


been saying it for years…

since bfa

oh well… cant beat em join em i suppose

i will be making a guardian druid and trolling the F out of bgs too i guess.

not for any sense of accomplishment… i mean… it takes literally zero skill (makes dh look complex) but damn it sure is funny


I’m levelling my druid resto/feral, heard about the OPness of Guardian Druids and decided to see what its about…

Top healing, Dmg and survivability is insane. It’s fun being a raid boss. Makes the OP Hunters rage also which is an extra bonus, and this is in the 20-29 bracket.


More videos up than I can count of Guardian Druids going 1v2 and even 1v3 in arena and going even further in Warmode. Atleast, one 1v4 I watched earlier in open world. I don’t even unstealth for Guardians anymore…just mosey on by.

Haha I was in an arathi basin and we had three gaurdian druids and they each took an node to defend. It was silly as our whole team piled on stables while they held the nodes solo and we farmed them at their gy

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1 good thing, is arena games wont even go into dampening.

It’s 100% about Rage of the Sleeper… the procs trigger off everything including dot ticks. This is 80% of the damage & resilience issue of bears at the moment. Rage needs a hard but pvp-only nerf.


I think Guardian druid is fine and the rest of the game needs to be nerfed so Guardian feels even better.

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yeah hope they buff guardian druids as we aren’t doing that great yet :frowning_face:

While I get the complaints on Evokers and Warlocks being too hard to kill, Guardians are literally god mode while dealing DPS-levels of damage, and more than a full healer in self-healing.

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I agree, nerf rogues

They are insane right now.

Guardian Druid NEEDS NERFED In Dragonflight PvP - YouTube

Most degenerate playstyle ever.

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What if we start random netting posts for random classes … I bet then g druids get a nerf. Us posting about needing g druids led to DKs getting a nerf.
So I’m starting to follow blizz logic!

Justice! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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