Guardian Buffs - February 7

If the healing is OP, it acts as another 8 second defensive.

IE: Searing blows, 2nd boss in RLP is a tank buster that doesn’t unload all damage upfront, but rather staggered. If Lunar Beams healing is strong enough to offset each tick, than that’s another powerful defensive to cycle through.

DoC serves a similar a function. It just loses some value in higher keys when sustained damage keeps on coming from high fortified keys mobs.

Don’t get me wrong Im a big fan of DoC builds, I’m just looking at alternative possibilities.

On the current PTR, it heals for about 118k at 400 ilevel and Resto talents with each tick that can crit individually. Essentially, not much more than half a basic Frenzied Regeneration but over 8 seconds. I’d say it still has a long ways to go before it fills that gap.

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Yikes, that is a farcry from what I’d hoped it could do. Thanks for the info, guess it’s back to the drawing board.

Still pretty useless talent, needs to do more damage. The fix to make it more of a defensive cool down (would need increase in value) is to make it a shield then that would help for known magic tank busters we do not need another hot heal.

How about coupled with Elunes Favored? It is Arcane Damage so it’s double dipping. And if you’re running Fury of Nature that should help increase the healing in both fronts as well

The guardian druid needs a major rework. Too much button bloat and also please for the love of dog combie all three berserk talent into one please. Why does it have to be split. It make 0 sense.


It double dips I suppose, but its still fractions of fractions. the damage component is still laughable to start with; tooltip damage is 20k and typically ticks for about 2.5k per target. So yes you do get Elune’s Favor healing, but its like 800 per tick per target.

Well that seems laughably underpowered for a capstone. That’s lame

Actually, I don’t think the damage component has changed at all from live on the PTR (the healing component did roughly double). So I suppose you can expect something to change there if they are still focusing on it, but I’d still be apprehensive for what it achieves with even another 300% boost.

This build is not good, no afterwildfire. Flashing claws over pulverize and circle. No scintillating moonlight. Not good

As for these changes, they are a pretty substantial indirect buff to thorns of iron. The lunar beam change still nobody will take that talent. But a thorns of Iron build will actually be viable with these changes. You could already get quite a bit of damage out of thorns with incarn ironfur spam. This doesn’t do anything to our magic survivability, although the shields on the left is a decent buff. You could already go a rend and tear/ raze build and get decent shields, so this may become a priority build for higher keys.

I’d prefer to see Thorns of Iron deal Arcane damage, but in general I think they are trying to move away from 30s god mode builds because that’s probably the only timeframe where thorns > raze in single target, especially since that’s how you end up with builds that get deleted outside those 30s windows.

You could get something like this however, I feel like it’s still short at least one point for Rend and Tear while Elune’s Favor is almost completely wasted without the rest of the right side:

I don’t really trust the following to be effective, but it at least seems nice on paper aside from Elune’s Favor which would be nice if Thorns of Iron healed for as much as Ursoc’s Fury shields via Maul in single target (Blood Frenzy is a flex point):

Well Friday came and we got nothing. Guardian still bottom tier tank.

Was a nice run but none of the changes help bear with anything it needs.

You’re a week early

None of the buffs bears got even addresses its issues with magic damage or having way too many talents. Blizzard devs are actually clueless.

I’ve got the perfect fix for Lunar Beam: remove it… we don’t need more active talents.

Keep the glitter and fairies in balance spec, there’s too much arcane stuff creeping into the other specs.