Guardian bear wishlist

(Jerauld) #1

Frenzied Regeneration - Base 25% Healing plus scale with mastery bonus healing or increase healing ticks with haste.

Ironfur - Cost Scale 20 to 50 Rage and duration between 2 to 8 seconds, the more Rage spent has longer duration.

Bear Hug - BEAR HUG!! Cost 15 Rage, 90 second cooldown, immobilizes and silences the target for 5 seconds.

Sunfire (Bear) - Cost 15 Rage, 12 second cooldown. For those times you want to Moonfire a large group of targets all at once.

Mark of Ursol - Costs 30 Rage, Reduces magical damage taken by 30% up to 12.5% of your maximum health, lasts 6 seconds, 2 minute cooldown.

Lacerate - 3 second cooldown modified by haste, chance to proc gore.
Single target Thrash Bleeds for times when you’re trying to avoid AOE hitting specific mobs. Yes I know we have Moonfire, but also like to build up Thrash stacks on a single target so you can still benefit from Rend and Tear or Pulverize talents.

(Ladihoodwink) #2

Um that would be a fun spec with a good toolkit. We arnt allowed that in the age of prune and doom.

(Soulofursoc) #3

That would put us well into the fun zone.


this alone would make bears more fun to play, in fact their entire tool kit should be mastery based. at least they’ll be unique


Make Maul cost less rage or refresh ironfur so we’re not competing on resources?
Maybe also make swipe generate rage per target hit or something to make it more engaging to push - right now it’s just boring filler…

(Lecro) #6

My Wishlist is for class devs to read the 1000+ thread from Beta about the net loss from Legion Guardians experienced. Plenty of feedback about pruned actives and passives that were lost with artifact weapon and legendries. If repeatable M+ is supposed to be endgame content, give bears the utility to play that content.

thread: Guardian Druid Feedback


Why not just go back to how it was in legion… (the same way DK’s still heal) %of damage taken in the last x seconds… this encourages more aggressive play and allows us to deal with things like offtanking fetid… our active CDs don’t really cut it.

(Lockedheart) #10

this wont fix em sadly. %based FR is just not how BFA bears need healing. Bears, only being able to dodge, take dmg 90% of time so they need a more heavy heal over short time or a steady heal over longtime.

this would prevent ppl from beign able to quickly stack applications when they need it now and not a logner duration.

gviven how rage is not quick to gain IF should get a cost reduction.

bears do need some mage dmg reduction, but 30% reduced for 6sec on 2min cd is a little weird in that its basically SI with a min less cd and 20% less dmg reduction (maybe a more powerful barskin on a longer cd better comparison?)

this is actually something they could add to help us with ST dmg. make it a harder hitting thrash for ST fights (like msot raid bosses)

TBH… Guardian bears in BFA feel like they were made FOR Legion…not BFA.
While Legion bear would fit BFA more so.

the Legion FR would actually fix (some) of the issues bears have as they take mroe dmg than any other tank so their healing would scale on that.

(Bull) #13

Please no Sunfire! Moonfire is already obnoxious enough (WTB glyph of faerie fire)