Gryphon spirit beast giving pathfinder buff

On two of my hunters, I’n getting the pathfinder buff when using the Gryphon spirit beast pet. The pathfinder buff appears in my spell book, and it’s not a UI issue, as my hunters are getting the speed increase. A third hunter of mine, using the same pet, is not getting the buff. I’m not sure how the ability got there, it just is.

What spec are your hunters?

Should probably ask about pet specs too.

Pet specs are no longer changeable in BFA - the spirit pet is a Tenacity Spec pet. In this case, it’s also getting the Pathfinder ability, which is only supposed to be a Cunning pet power. – In addition, the affected hunters/pets with the extra buff, are also benefiting from the Tenacity Pet abilities. This is the same pet obtained from Stormwind. … the Hunter I’m posting this bug from, is not affected. All my Hunters are running Beast Master Spec.