Grouping in non-elite world PvP quests suggestion

I can’t be the only one that feels this, but I feel that a group in the non-elite mob War Mode quests, such as the weekly ones in Zaralek Caverns and Emerald Dream, should allow grouping, but still be free-for-all, which is complicated so I’ll elaborate lol.

Basically, even though you are grouped with your friend(s), you are still attackable to each other. The quest itself does not require cooperation and coordination of a party or even just a couple of players or 1 tank, such as against a strong mob like Krolkoth, so it doesn’t make sense and does hurt the game a little to allow it. Most players go to a non-elite quest assuming others are doing so as well, making it rather fair, but a group of 5 people vs 1 is clearly not. Sure, more people can show up. You can make a counter-group, but that seems rather counterintuitive for the quest itself.

For instance, 5 guys; 2 heals 3 dps all go into the Quacks and Attacks quest, they reach that location and they are all red to each other, can’t heal, can’t buff, can’t rez. They do still get credit for any quest objective their fellow group member completes like if they damage the duck or down another player, but they also can attack their fellow group member.

I don’t see it abused so badly that it is a problem, per se, however, it definitely can be, and does seem like it could also be a fun change of pace, perhaps.

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How does that work in your proposed scenario?

No thanks.

Sounds like a good change to me. It’s a bit silly that a FREE FOR ALL zone is not, y’know, a free for all.

Think you shouldn’t be allowed to get quest credit while on a flying mount, though, whether or not you’re landed or in the air – Could see this being exploited by freeloaders who just stay up in the air (or immediately fly up at the first sign of danger) while the rest of the group goes and kills things in the FFA zone.

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LOL…I saw that a lot in first week of patch, when everyone was farming bloody tokens. Crashing down on their dragon mounts and then dipping back out and getting kill credits.

This change would make all those edge lord guilds that farm these types of quests all day for feel goodies cry pretty hard :slight_smile:

I enjoy playing with my friends when I’m doing wpvp. This idea kind of nullifies that experience. Being able to off heal each other and stave off several rounds of people is one of the few parts of this game that seems unique.

But I also think it could be a cool option so idk.

No yeah totally, but also it’s only for those non-elite quests. The other ones stay the exact same.