Group of 8/8 H Friends LF Raiding Guild

Title says it all. We are all 8/8 heroic and decided to leave our old guild and make our own. Recruiting isn’t going so well, so we are looking for a raiding guild. All players don’t have to be on the same teams, or raids. Just a group of friends trying to stay together.

Bnet: Ghastlee#1307
Discord: Kngx#4435

Should probably add we are currently on Stormrage Alliance!

Player 1:
408 Holy Pally
404 Protection Warrior
400 Windwalker Monk

Player 2:
415 Affliction Warlock
406 Havoc/Vengeance Demon Hunter

Player 3:
411 Restoration Druid

Player 4:
407 Vengeance Demon Hunter

Player 5:
404 Blood Death Knight

Hi. I think you all might be a good fit for our AOTC guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Founded in February 2005, Moonwell Dancers is a casual, friendly Alliance guild on the Uldum server.

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called “raiding” guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it. We raid Fri/Sat 5-730pm PST. We also run m+ throughout the week.

We also have achievement seekers. And we have plenty of casual players who just like to explore what Azeroth has to offer.

If you’re still interested, my btag is Epsilonp#1422.

Still looking !

Hey Xprincess,

Lets chat.

Corrupted Intent is a 21+ horde guild on the server Area 52 looking for like minded players to come join us, with an AOTC/Mythic mindset.


  • Knowledge of class/fights and prepared for the raid
  • Communication
  • 80% attendance & punctuality & accountability for raids
  • Progression Mindset, and a team player, includes ability to take constructive criticism

Raid Days & Times:
Fri & Sat 8-11pm EST

Current Progression 8/8N 7/8H

Healer High Priority
Ranged Dps High Priority
Melee: Enh Shaman, WW monk, Feral

Any and all players that feel they would be a good fit, should apply whether your role/class is listed or not

While raiding is our primary focus we do also welcome any player interested in Mythic + as well as wanting to just be social and apart of the community.

Contact Information:
Btag: Aria#13773
Discord: xstarlite#2756

Hello my guild is looking for more people to fill out our two raid teams.

We have an AOTC Push/Early Mythic team that runs 8:30-11 est tues/thurs and a casual AOTC team that runs Fri/Sat 8:30-11 est.

We need all for both teams so any classes you want to play is fine. Most of us are retired hard push mythic raiders who just dont want to or cant put the time into raiding like that anymore so our raid teams are pretty relaxed. Our tues/thurs team had some preformance expectations of players(nothing insane tho) but our fri/sat team is for everyone to join.

Outside of raid we are building a community of people who like to do things outside of raid like transmog runs, achievement hunting, mythic +, PVP, ect. If any of that is of interest to you.

You can message me on discord(Chibibunny2#4469) If you want to know more.

Let’s chat about it on Discord.



Guild Chat is recruiting everything right now! We’re an AoTC guild lookin to grow. We are 8/8h and got 2/8m. We’ve decided to take a short raiding break for now, some focusing on alts or m+ and some decided to give mythic raiding a go. And some more playing other games for a bit!

We’d love to have you join our community and get ready for 10.1 and beyond.

I sent you a request on discord. if you’d like to learn more. jfrong#9418

Hi we are looking to add players to our Mythic team for 10.1. We will begin raiding this tier as soon as we fill up or get close to a
full team and use it for trialing purposes. Our Raid times are M/W 7:30-9:30 PST. We are a laid back group of friends we all have 5/8M
Experience and are open to picking up people who are willing to learn mechanics and have a chill raid environment. If you’re interested please
fill out this form and we will reach out!

Hello! Sorry to hear things didn’t work out! Auxiliary is looking for more members! We aren’t recruiting tanks for our core team; however, I would strongly encourage taking a look at our post and letting me know what your thoughts are!

Hi, you all might be a good fit for my guild. We raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 8 pm to 11 pm. Currently, 7/8H. We currently are a Horde guild, but we will be adding Alliance members once 10.1 hits. Currently, we have a community setup for our alliance friends. If you are interested, please reach out to me on discord at Durican#5417. Thank you and good luck!