Group of 3 Looking for mythic raiding team Will server transfer

3 longtime friends & guildies are, once again, looking for a new guild as, once again, their raid team melts away faster than a popsicle left on the sidewalk of a Tucson summer.

We are currently AOTC & 3/8M. So we’d both like to push progression, take the raid seriously, do what you gotta do and get CE. We also really like to push M+ keys.


blood dk tank (tank only) (60 neck)

holy priest (shadow offspec) (63 neck)

assassin rogue (61 neck)


2 mandatory raid nights (a 3rd optional raid night for alts/clears is fun & fine)

Raid days: Mon-Thurs//////

Raid times ranging between 630 and 11 pm EST

A guild where it’s not a ghost town on non-raid nights


3 experienced raiders who are used to taking directions & meeting requirements

We will be on time, or we will notify raid leaders if our houses are on fire and therefore we can’t get online.

We will be prepared with videos, gems, and chants.

When it comes time to pull, we will take this thing seriously. When it’s not time to pull, yeah, we can be goofballs.

CAVEAT: The rogue understands that due to DPS requirements he may be required to be a backup raider untill he gets his parses up. We’re working on it.


https : // raider. io/characters/us/thrall/Rasputian

https : / /raider. io/characters/us/thrall/Faizal


Fai was in charge of the guild logs and they’re all public. Have a look around.

https : // [www. warcraftlogs] (http ://www.warcraftlogs). com/guild/calendar/233470/ Anymore questions contact me at Btag Fearless#1223 or discord fearless#2144.

Give us a look

Shoot me a message 5/8M Alliance Tues/Weds/Thurs 9-12a EST - Stumbles#1223

guild found

Yeah, this happens especially since Classic…

While our times don’t fit, but I hope you 3 find what you’re looking for!
Good luck!


Hey There Drag,
I feel for you with the raid team melting thing, as we’ve seen a lot of guilds disappear around us. I’m very interested in your group and I can ensure you we are committed to staying in the raid and clearing it out for CE. If you want to know more about us please check my post here [H] <Reason> 3/8m LFM