Grong's Primal Rage question


Just got the mythic version today and it sims kinda bad for its ilvl. When is the best time to use it?


Dang you’re lucky, I would suppose anytime you have no buttons to press as a pally. Sometimes RNG can fail you.

(Richoshist) #3

Yeah I show that thing sims worse than the trinket from G’huun, and that thing was trash. It’s too bad the trinkets from these raid bosses are so awful for ret.

(Reese) #4

Its good for Prot tho. :slight_smile:

(Nomak) #5

It’s pretty much BIS for UH DK, and sims high for Frost too.

(Kashadin) #6

It could be that different class sims are programmed to handle it differently; if the Ret sim is programmed to just use on cooldown and this delays a Judgment / Blade of Justice hit, that would result in far worse DPS than properly waiting until all your HP builders are on cd and you have a spare GCD or two.

Or the sims could be right and it’s garbage for Ret. Seems worth testing.

(Nomak) #7

Conceptually a DPS trinket that doesn’t allow you to move or use abilities for 4 seconds seems poorly designed.