Grobbulus now has queues

I’d say “go home,” but I know I’ll just get a flippant reply.

Rather, Blizzard needs to immediately cut off transfers from high pop servers to at-or-near high pop servers. This is ridiculous - you’re just shifting the problem from Whitemane to Grob, and it’s only going to destroy the identity of both servers in the process.

I realize “BUT DAH MONIEZ” is a hard drug to kick, but how about giving it a slight amount of effort before you collapse the entire tent here?


Grobbulus was on a slippery slope for a while.

This was bound to happen.

Ah yes, the transfers in clogging it up. No wonder the PvP scene has become a cesspool of drama, trash talk, and elitist douchebaggery.

What once was a beautiful server with a solid community is slowly being ripped apart by greedy, entitled, and rude individuals. It was gradually getting worse, and I fear for it.


Seems like any server that’s mentioned as being good on these forums eventually get flooded with refugees.

Lesson is: if you like your server the way it is don’t talk about it here.


Saw it coming. This is going to keep happening to other quality high pop realms too because Blizzard thinks unlimited transfers are nbd. Rip Grobbulus. :confused:


I was seeing it gradually erode. I started seeing less kindness, and aid, and more selfishness, and lack of respect. I had to leave.

It’s not transfers giving you a queue, it’s the coronavirus. People are coming back to their Classic chars, and some are starting fresh.


I play on Grob-H , and theres so many transfers >.> entire guilds of alliance and horde just showing up.
like… we’re full, can you guys not


I think the current metric for the community is “if you can pick you own black lotus, that server is not worth rolling on.”


idk what to tell you but grobb ALWAYS had a queue at a certain time since launch.

It does seem to affect PvP servers (yes, I understand Grobb is technically an RP-PvP, nonetheless still has PvP Server settings, such as Alliance unable to be unflagged walking through Tirisfal, unlike a PvE Server) more than PvE Servers, doesn’t it?

Ya RP Events were difficult for many on Grob.
There are STILL nice people there, don’t get me wrong.

I just PvP a lot, but found myself not wanting World PvP anymore. It was troublesome when RPing, or Farming. I found the PvP community started erroding in to the RP. Kinda like the FEL in the story. Just keeps spreading.

What’s the first rule about fight club?


I told people to stop telling people that it was a good server. Yet people keep posting here telling people to join up. I’m like no, we don’t need anymore people especially alliance.

Now what happens? PvP rejects, garbage tier guilds and server nomads and refugees show up and add ques and cause issues.

Elitism, trolling, idiocy and anti-rp sentiment are going up. The people that come here don’t respect the server at all and take advantage of the kind people who inhabit the server.

Maybe this will be a wakeup call for people to shut up about their sever and stop setting out the welcome mat for strays.


still no queue on Pagle.

and i can walk into BRM like i own the place.

I mean when nobody can leave our house or go to work what do you expect.


No, the issue has been going on for months of rerollers and trickle transfers of terrible people. Grobb is just next on the lists for server locusts to consume.


Funny how you automatically assume that every transfer is bad. What’s your metric for that? I haven’t transferred off my original server by the way, your comments just look uneducated and founded on nothing.


You are on point little one. Just yesterday, I had someone ask for a rogue to open a few lock boxes. I did. They just walked away. I said, “It’s usually good character to tip for this many.” The person was rude, and said, “I don’t care, you’re the idiot that opened them.”

Like what the hell. Sure, I opened them, but there was a moral code that people gave a gratuity, but we’ve been seeing an influx of people who don’t give a damn.

I replied, “They can stay locked for all I care then.”

This player then replied, “Who cares, there’s lots of you rogues around I can use.”

That’s what GROB is being infested with. Not to mention the bullying sector of the premades.


you cant ASK for a tip.

as a mage I do portals for money but water and food is for tips. if they dont give I dont bring it up.