Grey Horse Army is recruiting! All players, any level!

Greetings! [Grey Horse Army] is a Casual/Social/Raiding Guild on Turalyon-Alliance-US. We are a group of … well, strangers turned fast friends! Most of us don’t know each other, and are just now getting to know everyone which can be quite exciting! My husband (Brasscogs) and I (Roisin) run the guild together, with some help from a few others. FUN FACT: We actually MET on WoW years ago, and are now married! So, proof that you CAN meet your soulmate on a video game!

Remember, we are building a community first and foremost.

Fun Events:

Typically, on the weekends is when the Mount/Mog/Achievement Runs will be. There will be other fun, group activities on the weekend to participate in, such as: Scavenger Hunts, Guild Lotto, Hide and Seek, Naked Gnome Races, and WoW Lawn Darts.


We plan to work towards AOTC each tier, but in a way that is fun and doesn’t leave guildies behind. We do NOT plan to push mythic. Our raid times are Tues/Thurs 9pm-11pm EST.


Many of our members LOVE to push mythic keys! We don’t have a set night yet to run them, but we do plan to group up and help each other. No need to rely on pugs!


Who doesn’t love to kill rogues??? I mean PvP?? We are not focused on rated PvP, but many in our community love to run BGs or even arenas.


Please have Discord! If you like to talk and be in discord, FANTASTIC!! Because we like to talk!

When we have our Monthly Guild Meetings, you will need to be in Discord for them. You can be on deafen if you don’t want to talk, but you MUST at least Listen!

If you’re interested in joining us or have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to message:

Roisin (GM):
BNET: Thistlebloom#1316
DISC: Roisindubh#8876


Jhem (Recruitment)
BNET: boxcarbinny#11991
DISC: boxcarbinny#6587

Your friendly GM,

Roisin :blush:


You’ll meet new people.
You’ll visit new places.
It’ll be fun.

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Hi all! I’m just returning to the game after taking most of BfA off - I haven’t decided a main for Shadowlands yet, but I’ve been a holy/disc priest for years, first started raiding in BC. I also have a demon hunter and warrior at max, so we’ll see.

I’m a bit of an alto-holic, but I’m interested in getting back in the (casual) raiding saddle. I’m Syrri, Phaelin, or Shaanar in game right now, on Turalyon.

(Also, I met my husband through WoW too, back in BC! Married with a two year old son now!)


Hi Brixaa! We have LOTS of alto-holics in our guild :slight_smile: We would love to have you, raiding or not raiding! Once the servers open tonight there should be quite a few of us online if you want to reach out!

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Hello I’m a returning player but my main was horde so I’m looking to switch side. So that means I have to start over again. I wasn’t able to do much end game stuff so I still have stuff to learn I hope thats okay? I really like the sound of your guild and super friendly. My battletag is SoulKingN7#1512 if you want to learn more about me before joining send me a DM. Thank you!

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Hey Zanecrow! Just saw your post and sent you a friend request on Battlenet! :slight_smile: