Green CH glyph

Like the title says, I’m just curious how many people would like the option of a glyph to revert their Chain Heal cast to the old school Jesus beam. I’d like to see if there’s enough interest in it to get Blizz to add it in DF.

You used to have to glyph into Chain Heal to get it to be green. I think Blizzard will forever lean into the watery healing aspect, but I would not be against it.

Personally I prefer the water side of healing for shamans… but that just my preference.


I’m always on the side of “More glyphs” (Seriously Blizz, get in gear. MORE GLYPHS). Having said that, I personally don’t see the appeal of the puke beam. Each to their own and all, but it was just… weird. The watery effects are way better