Greater Forsaken (Nathanos style)

So since we’re getting access to the human rig with Dracthyr, can we please get Nathanos style Forsaken? I mean it’s our rig too now, it’s no longer Alliance specific.


Yeah, seriously. Let’s stop the beardless hunchback train. We need Dr. Fronkensteen up in here 'cause Blizzard can’t seem to fix these backs. Poor Forsaken.


Of the old player races in WoW, the Forsaken have among the least amount of customizations. It’s pretty terrible. There is so much potential for them, but the player characters really suffer from a lack of love.

Derrick, Calia, and Nathanos all really show off great potential options for undead…but none of those options exist for player characters.

We have been asking for things like upright undead since…oh vanilla :frowning:


One hill I will absolutely die on is that Forsaken DKs at the very least should have access to the human model (and there’s no reason the Horde shouldn’t have it anymore, we’re gaining access to the human rig in DF).

An undead Lordaeronian is Forsaken, no matter how decayed they are.


so the leadr of the anti helf discrd, the same one who kept bargin in helf threds with his pose gazlihting high elf fans and telin them nasty things caus “the allianse cant have my horde race”, now wants a allianse race for horde

what a time to be alive

ps: how do u feel about dracthyr, after u predicted that there would be no more neutral races? lol :rofl:

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We just making up names for things now?


There is something I don’t like about the horde having humans and of course the alliance having orcs.

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I mean Nathanos is canonically a more powerful form of Forsaken, what would you call them?

We already do.

The Forsaken are the people of Lordaeron and we’re getting access to the human rig in DF.

I would remind you that going off-topic is against coc. This isn’t a high elf thread, please keep the high elf stuff in those, thank you.

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Greater in what way? His body is decomposing in a ditch somewhere and his head is on Tyrande’s mantel. Assuming she kept it and didn’t just toss it in the ditch with the rest of him.

I mean don’t get me wrong I am all for more undead customization options… but a superior specimen he aint.


In the short story that covers the ritual where he got his new body it was very clear that he’s a more powerful type of undead afterwards.

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His soul stole his cousin’s body. So he’s fresher than first gen Forsaken. That’s his superpower.


Mmmm Nathanos, I used to sit on that boat and wait for Nathanos to send me on a mission.


Only if we get Lightforged Orcs.

They mention over and over that the main purpose of the ritual is to make him more powerful.

He also no longer decays like a normal forsaken as a result.

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Human DK… what am I missing?

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Why do y’all keep wanting to mess with my race?


Stronger. Yes. Because his old body was rotting to pieces. That was the whole point. New fresh body. Like I said. His superpower is he still has that minty fresh scent.

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If you say so.

Pretty sure the story suggests it’s on par with the death knights being better held together.

Which makes sense.

Most Forsaken were meant as throwaway foot soldiers far as the Scourge was concerned. So they wouldn’t be made to be immensely durable.

Stronger undead would likely be bolstered to keep them from degrading.

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She specifically says it stops him from decaying.

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