Great Vault bugged?

Ya, i see it now…

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You have to complete the dungeon as a win. Not just complete it. In a certain time limit.

can confirm logging out and back in will update your vault status

imagine my shock. work on shadowlands maybe?

My rewards were not correct said i had not completed one, did de other side +7 on monday Got no rewards today. Want my item!!!

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Just had the same thing happen on my DH.

I did not receive reward credit for my only mythic this week… completion of de other side +10.

Happened to me today on this Rogue. Did a +10 Spires yesterday and a few others during the week. No M+ option on the Great Vault.

Mines broke too. I completed items in the vault and have no rewards available today


Some top notch work blizz.


I killed 3 bosses at normal and only got a LFR option, i killed only 2 bosses on LFR… in this right?

This did not age well.

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Why? If someone is getting a 220 piece of loot, surely they should be able to time a 10.

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My vault is empty this week after earning 3/3 pvp rewards…

Ive done everything. Too bad for me aye

I got no loot from the Great Vault this week after downing 3 bosses, my wife downed the same bosses and got a chest armor or stygia.
I submitted a ticket and was told , very nicely, that I should just wait. Opening the GV should generate loot from the previous week. Like it’s supposed to do…
so… just wait?
I would like to know how long we’re supposed to wait, tomorrow, next week, the week after, or the next F@$&ing expansion?


At least you got loot! Hell, I do all my raiding in one day across all my toon in LFR and every week one of them doesn’t get anything. NOTHING, NADA, ZERO! pisses me off and NO recourse with blizz. Their customer service is crap these days.

Same here. Nothing in the vault for me either.

I did 9/10 normal last night and only unlocked the 3/10 slot in the great vault. Where is my 7/10 slot? Logging out and back in did not fix. Neither did exiting game. Will just wait and see I guess.

How is it that this still isn’t fixed? I cleared all of nathria on heroic as well as sire on normal, but vault says I only have 9/10 bosses down. raid lockout window confirms full heroic clear and sire normal kill.

These bugs are considered features to limit your loot chances.

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