Great Vault bugged?

Hello, I rolled through 4 Mythics and timed them all. A 5, 3, 2, and another 2. However the Great Vault hasn’t updated.

My reward for such is still at a Mythic+ level of ‘3’ instead of the ‘5’ and the second reward hasn’t opened.

Is anyone suffering from the same problem?


I’m having the same problem I did a +10 yesterday but its only showing a +9 as my highest key :frowning:

There currently is a bug, yes.

The mouseover tooltip that lists your top runs has been excluding runs that fail the timer. That is a display issue only. The rewards will be correct on Tuesday, and you do not need to beat the timer for your Mythic Keystone dungeon completions to count towards progress.

And that is a separate issue. There’s often a delay of a few minutes before the Great Vault UI updates to reflect a recent Mythic Keystone completion. While we look into that, we’ve found that logging out of WoW and back in will force it to update.


Ah, good to know. Was wondering if they changed the rules and my 11 seconds over runs weren’t going to count all of a sudden.

This is amazing to hear! Nice!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. You guys have been doing really well with communication in SL so far, keep it up :slight_smile:

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hey do yall wanna go ahead and fix loot back to 3 drops in mythic plust for timed and 2 for non time. thanks… we dont wanna call blizzard out but we will if we have to. restricting loot has already lead to more gear run selling then ever before. our tank went 6 mythic pluses with no loot. just fix the loot. dont make its seem like yall are pushing this P2W TOKEN SELLING loot runs … please and ty. and if 50 guilds have completed heroic… how is fatboss selling heroic runs for 400 $ and you guys dont know whos running these operations… clearly its players and people in these top 50 guilds do something about it.


Thank you, Kaivax, I appreciate you taking the time to come here and tell us that this is just a UI bug. I was very worried that my progress wasn’t being accounted for, and others alike with their own.


Love it when people threaten “we will call you out if you don’t do what we want”. Such entitled generation. I mean so what if you “call them out”.


Big oof.

So is this what integrity in eSports looks like, as that’s what’s spamming out the LFD tool?.

Or can we agree there’s no sport finally in this mess?.

Can you explain the reasoning why LFR won’t grant access to the great vault?

Is the Vault bugged with raid kills not updating too? I’ve relogged but it is not showing my Heroic Shriekwing kill for the first reward nor is it updating my kills to 7 from 6 for the second reward.

How do you even know what generation he is a part of? :rofl:


Can you clarify if runs/kills made this coming week, before looting our vault will still count towards next week’s rewards?

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Yeah cool. They communicate. When will this bug get fixed? I ran a 5, completed, and even got loot. Doesn’t show that I ran it at the vault nor in mythic keystone tabs. Is it laziness or incompetence that keeps the bug train rolling? Why have a counter in game that can’t count correctly?

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the tooltip is broken for me.

keeps saying “complete 1 more mythic level 4 or more to enhance your reward” but it keeps saying the same thing even if i run a 5 on time lol

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mine bugged out today and i received nothing for the vault for all of the mythics i did the previous week :frowning:

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What if it’s been over 48 hours and it still hasn’t updated?

issue with raids on different difficulties as well:

Tuesday did 3 bosses LFR (Huntsman, Hungering, Lady Inerva)
Wednesday did 3 bosses on Heroic (Shriekwing, Huntsman, Hungering)
Thursday did 4 bosses on Normal (Shriekwing, Council, Sludgefist, Generals)

Vault shows me at 7/10 with only 2 choices possible: #1@213 for heroic and #2@187 for lfr (while giving a tooltip advising that I do normal bosses to upgrade this loot).

Vault SHOULD be 10/10 with 3 choices possible: #1@213 (3 heroic), #2@200 (3 heroic + 4 normal), and #3@187 (3 heroic + 4 normal + 3 lfr)

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Each boss only counts once. It will count your highest difficulty for each boss. These kills are then ordered from highest difficulty to lowest to set the thresholds for each slot, very similarly to how the Mythic+ thresholds work.

So your list looks something like this for purposes of the vault, I’ve marked the 3rd and 7th positions:

Shriekwing - Heroic
Huntsman - Heroic
Hungering - Heroic
Council - Normal
Generals - Normal
Sludgefist - Normal
Inerva - LFR

You have 3 heroic kills, hitting the first threshold, so you get a 213 as your first choice.

You have 3 Normal kills, but this isn’t enough to get you to a 2nd item in the vault, as you’re now at 6 kills at normal or higher.

Inerva is the only LFR boss which was not also done on another difficulty. So it counts as your 7th boss and grants you a 2nd item, but it’s LFR, so that’s the level your 2nd item is set to.

Had you done exactly this, but then also done the other 3 bosses on LFR (which I’m aware is not possible at the moment), you’d have all 10 bosses and would have a 3rd slot open, which would also be offering an LFR piece.

Had you done Inerva on Normal as well as (or instead of) LFR, your 2nd item would be from the Normal pool.

It’s working exactly as intended, the presentation just seems to be a source of confusion for a lot of people.

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