<Gravity> (US-Proudmoore) 6/11M SoFo DPS. Horde Or Ally welcome

Need ranged for Ilgy pls

Ilgy dead, onto Carapace!

Why not kill carapace when you could kill carapace with us?

Need ranged for Nzoth maybe, Carapace is dying after reset. Also lF dps for after nzoth dies and into shadowlands

LF all for Shadowlands

LF maybe a couple more range for M Nzoth progression as we push for the kill, Definetly looking for more peeps for rekills

Nzoth is almost dead, LF dps for rekills and to mesh before SL

Bump. Nzoth will be going down very soon!

Good morning to all!

Prepatch hype!

Are you all still in search of a tank? Sent discord request to recruiter and application submitted! Multi classer tank LF home for SL.

Nzoth went down last night, Woo!

LF them Good healers

Need Healers!

LF mage for mythic progression!

I’m wrong right. Well at least you read it. Now read our post!

Recruiting DPS

LF Disc priest and dps for Sun King and beyond!

LF Warlock, DK, DH, Mage

WTB DPS and a stellar Disc Priest!