Graveyard Camping in AV Nerfed?

I seriously think you have underestimated the line you are bragging about crossing. Serious question, please answer honestly. Did you play Vanilla wow?

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Not quite the same. The enemy team showed up. We just beat them.

No, they don’t. If you run to another zone and accept the rez there, you get ported back to the GY nearest to your body.

I mean, that’s basically how PvP works. There is inevitably someone who loses.

No - I’m telling them to stop playing the BG instance they are feeling trapped in.

I am not under that impression at all.

I feel that a community driven model would be an improvement over the current, and likely the best mitigation if we didn’t trust the company to make the game right.

The potential is there because it working for another game in a similar situation and that game is growing because of it. It seems like the most attractive option out of any that have been presented from my point of view.

It works as long as you agree this the majority.

Blizzard better reverse this change it goes against what vanilla was all about. They better be scared that we don’t revolt against them for this betrayal.

Imagine protecting filthy casuals. This is how we got retail.

I’ve updated the text of the hotfix to more accurately describe it:

Alterac Valley

  • Spirit Guides in the starting caves now apply Honorless Target to the players they resurrect.

This tweak didn’t have any impact on graveyards in AV. Just the starting caves, where it was possible for a steady stream of new-to-that-instance players to keep spawning into an unfortunate situation.


Sorry not trying to be a wisenheimer but I don’t know what that profile means. I don’t recall Area 52 being one of the Vanilla servers to be honest. I thought it came out much much later. I get you played retail but did you play vanilla?

I only ask not to start some debate, but share some info on how Blizzard might react moving forward. I saw how this all played out the first time and I don’t see it going any differently this time around.

If you truly value your premades you might want to stop this practice of GY camping or else face the wrath of the constant Blizzard intervention. Once they realize the nerfed honor isn’t going to stop you they will come up with other “inventive” solutions to “fix” the “problem.”

Nobody wants that.

An unwanted change and lazy solution at best.


UX world lit, advocating consumer collaboration for sure. I just dont see it for WoW. Never mind asking the forums to order lunch, when you’ll get twenty tangents about what lunch should mean, and if lunch is OPd.


People vote no on stuff and it passes and they still live and love the game (for the most part) anyways. Even when you aren’t in the majority it doesn’t mean it can’t be an overall improvement for the game.

I’d love for the original Vanilla WoW devs to get together and make us a new masterpiece. Since that likely won’t be on the table, so we look to the next group we would trust most, which to me would be the people who put in the time playing the game.

It should be noted, 2 very prominent EQ players joined the WoW dev team early on in it’s life cycle for this very reason. They were constantly criticizing how bad EQ was, all the way into a job with Blizzard. Player feedback can be a very valuable tool, and it was responsible in a lot of ways for the game we got 15 years ago, and the one we got re-released to us now. It’s not perfect, but I trust the process more than the current team making decisions.

This is their response to blizzard and somehow i am the one being forum banned for calling out people who are always negative like this lol.

Good grief why do i even bother.

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This doesn’t fix anything btw.
Seems like a lazy fix to a non issue.


Now is the time to stand your ground brother and let them know we will not take this nerf without a fight. This is how we got retail by lettings things snowball.

Don’t let them take our game again.

We got 1.12 AV and cross realm in CLASSIC, I would say they already took it over, lol.


I have vanilla PvP titles.

They’ve already admitted they’ve taken “preventative” measures over disciplinary. They think people GY cap for honor, yet the DR is 25% per kill. We already get zero honor for the people we’re camping by the time they’re in the GY being camped.

We don’t camp them for honor. I don’t have to do it for honor for it to be valid. PvP is a valid reason to kill people in a PvP battleground.


Fight now or things will only get worse. Don’t let these penny pinching bean counters tell us how to play. Next thing you know they will put on a cash shop and wow tokens.

And the game might have had a more pvp focus if blizzard hadn’t brought on EQ players…


I am with you on that!

You see my posts, you see me talking to OP, I know this wont fix anything. And the sad truth is wow players are gonna do what wow players are gonna do. People don’t need honor to gank, grief, camp, or whatever else they feel like doing.

Which is why I fear a whole slew of other “fixes” that we don’t want. So let’s agree to skip the lazy stuff since it isn’t productive!

And simply say, @Kaivax, we know somtimes being stuck on the receiving end of backside whooping sucks but we the community would rather have that than a bunch of changes that aren’t going to fix anything.

like i said in another post. 15 years of AV and 15 years of tears and I am ok with everyone of them exactly how it is.

Alright, you probably remember them breaking AV and why as well. Carry on soldier as long as you are going into it eyes wide open.

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