Graveyard Camping in AV Nerfed?

So…this change does almost nothing because graveyard farming quickly hits diminishing returns?

I don’t think you fully understand the gravity of the can of worms that just opened up here.

This change might not mean much. But what about the next 20 BG related “changes”

It’s fine.

I was told in another post slippery slope is a logical fallacy and is not usable in an argument.

We are safe.


This is a dumb change because it really does nothing to stop the behavior they cited as the reason for the change.

I dont even pay attention to the honor i gain when camping graveyards, i dont do it for that reason, the entire reason i camp graveyards is to keep the handful of alliance trapped there away from the battle, a group of like 3 players can easily keep 5+ players from leaving the graveyard and can effectively keep the enemy outnumbered at objectives

Also doesn’t stop people from farming killing blows to flex their epeen at the top of the chart

Oh, my bad for over reacting. Carry on everyone everything is fine. Didn’t mean to Chicken Little everyone.

Seriously My bad Fam.


We’ll call it a date then.

I have a lot of faith it would work out just fine because outside of the forums the community generally sees eye to eye on many things. We don’t agree with everything but I think the general care for this version of WoW is there.

Who knows, maybe the OSRS model isn’t built for a Blizzard community, or maybe it would give us the same thing those fans love about their game, a community driven project the devs care about and engage with us in.

What other graveyard? Not too many options in the OP’s screenshot for Horde


You’re under the impression that agreement = the best decision.

I have no interest in the tyranny of the masses. For heaven’s sake, just look at the music people choose for their WoW videos.

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Hahaha, I told you so, I told you all this was gonna happen.

Blizzard shows their favouritism once again. All through phase 2 Horde were camping people dozens of times as they tried to reach instances, Blizz did nothing at all- Horde get farmed a couple times in AV in the same way, and they spring to action.

It’s absolutely pathetic how one sided their decision making is, but it’s not surprising in the slightest they’re bending over for the Horde whiners like usual.


Both sides, I’ve seen the exact same situation happen to the Alliance. It shouldn’t happen either way, if you’re pushed back like that the game should just end without the final boss kill and honor from it.

I 100% agree. The cave guards should be able to mop the floor with anyone trying to graveyard camp the zone in caves and a little bit further since you can’t recall while indoors.
Just end the match. No need to make things miserable for the other team.

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I suggest turning all the guards into HWL Saurfang. see what happens


Considering that was us, and we didn’t do it for honor… no, it won’t.

This was in response to cave camping.

It is not griefing to gy camp in AV to prevent the other team from opposing you.

It is not griefing to have part of the team camp the cave while the rest of them goes for the drek/van kill

What IS griefing is camping the cave for several hours with no efforts to win the battleground. Unlike open-world pvp, there’s no option to go to a different zone or get others to come in and stop the camp. The only option is to /afk and get the deserter debuff, because there are no other graveyards to corpsewalk to. This means on top of the 30 min horde queues, it prevents them from doing AV for almost an hour. This isn’t pvp, this is griefing, because at this point you’re not “winning”, you’re actually preventing someone from playing the game.

This is a fix to something that does NOT have a PvP solution.


Just /afk out, or hearth, or log off. What’s the problem? People joined a BG and got waxed. Why should Blizzard step in to make it all a little softer? Nobody has to go into a BG and certainly nobody has to stay when being camped.

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Stay as a ghost and don’t accept the rez.
/afk out

The only difference between this and camping a GY in the world is that the engagement is limited to 40vs40.

Imagine joining a (supposedly) PvP battleground and being upset you lost the PvP and aren’t allowed to live.

You’re part of the problem obviously, if you can’t see it.

Telling someone to /afk, hearth, or log, is telling them to stop playing the game. It is not in blizzards interest, or anyone’s interest, to stop playing the game. That is the definition of griefing: behavior that’s discourages from playing. The superbowl wouldn’t be nearly so interesting if one team won by default because they prevented the other from even showing up; Same goes for wow. If your strategy is to stop the other side from playing, to prevent them from competing, then you’re griefing, and you’re just complaining you’re not allowed to act like a jerk to others.

Blizz isn’t handing wins to people, or “softening the game” with this. They are not obligated to make it easier. But they are obligated to ensure the game is playable. Cave camping makes it unplayable.


So is graveyard camping them and telling to log off, wait for their PvP flag to fall off, or to swap to an alt.

Yet that’s exactly how Blizzard handled it in the past.

Wrong. If it’s open world, they have the option of going to a different zone, or calling in reinforcements. That’s not stopping them from playing the game, because it’s impossible to deny them the entire open world. That’s not an option in AV. You don’t get to deny a part of the game from someone.