Grandpop's Elite Quest update - things are bleak but is there hope?

Update. I tanked in RSS because I’m old and awful. 2s is still an option. Currently 2332. Time will tell. I rented a room at a local Econo Lodge. I got a pallet of Gatorade and a Burlap Sack of Peanuts. I told my wife I’m either coming home an Elite Hunter or not coming home. It’s like Goku training in Gravity Chamber. But King Kai is just the local Chinese food joint that keeps delivering me Combination Plate #3.

If you believe in a higher power, pray to them. The soul of old man Jim depends on it.

Good luck on your pushes as well!

See you in Valhalla!

Has been - never was - Grandpop Jim


Don’t worry, Jim

If you fail you get to try again next season cause it’s the exact same rewards :melting_face:

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A sad but fair truth. I’m afraid next season’s outlook looks dim from a participation standpoint. Unfortunately, I will be traveling more for work, I’m uncertain of my amount of playtime. We’ll see.

i want the tabard but they KEEP putting me in full caster lobbies whenever i hit 2200 (or mr ice trap here’s lobby)

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You do big dam. I have no choice but to treat you like Olaf from Frozen.

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frozen solid and to wake up in the future just to suffer future shock (realization that i lost the round)

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Think of me like Articuno. I’m just trying to escape the Master Ball.

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If you don’t get it that’s okay man. You sound more like Vegeta than Goku. Goku does things for fun, Vegeta only sees in black and white.

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Good luck grandpop.

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Good luck, I’ll do some manifestation practice for you and of course prayer


Goku and vegeta also didnt pay for their 2400s like you did

Legend has it Goku and Vegeta are the ones who failed to get that thing its glad wins. Against all odds.

You need a pallet of cosmic peach nitro’s

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Keep queing friend, if you’ve reached 2300 this season already then 2400 is right around the corner

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voodoo ranger teas 7% are current love.

Are you trying to kill me?!

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You got this. Keep pushing.

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this game really likes to toss me into full caster lobbys on my warrior and full melee lobbys on my boomy.


I will try to the bitter end.

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Mood. I get disproportionate amounts of Arcane Mage, warlock, X lobbies.