Grand Melee reworked

  • Grand Melee, one of the buffs granted by Roll the Bones, has been redesigned – Blade Flurry deals 10% additional damage to nearby enemies, including your primary target.

I am begging you to please seriously consider baking in the spec the extended duration of SnD by 2/3 sec for every finishers applied?

As Outlaw we alrdy have so many things to pay attention at…
This wouldnt be OP and just bring much deserved QoL to the spec!

Other then that, this is a huge step in the right direction for better sustained dps!
A very good & needed adjustment to the spec.

Good Job! :slight_smile:


That’s a terrible change. good for M+ i guess. completely stupid otherwise.
You shouldnt have to press Blade flurry in a single target encounter. (like most of the raid)
sounds like a weird version Ghostly Strike with extra steps.
As if Outlaw needed yet another thing to track. wtf?


This is good but it is far from enough. Its sort of insulting that this is all they have planned atm.

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This change is absolutely non-sensical to me.

Slice and Dice is one of the only maintenance buffs left in the game; maintenance buffs feel terrible to press and have next to no observable impact on your gameplay. This rework is now going to force Outlaw to use Slice and Dice at the beginning of every pull in M+ when it was the one spec that maybe didn’t need to do that before this change.

Rogue dev, whomever you may be, please just make Slice and Dice passive, it adds literally zero complexity to the spec and feels bad to press.


That man dont care and im tired of people pretending he does.


Yeah no thanks. I’d rather have the buff actually do something and recast SnD which isn’t even a big deal than have this trash constantly.


Making Slice and Dice passive would appease both of us; they could also just add the Blade Flurry dmg increase to the current Grand Melee and remove the leech.


Yeah well you dont like having fun anyway.

I mean I don’t know the guy, but that doesn’t seem like an attribute one would look for in a class dev. Makes sense though, Assassination has been near unplayable since I started in 9.0

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Others will appreciate him for showing up in class discords and asking questions (why he cant bother speaking in forums too idk. But thats a separate discussion) but its not like he does a lot with the feedback. More like he (and his team i guess) already know what they want to implement and the feedback they look for is more along the lines of how to implement it.

Thats just not enough for me.

The easy fix would be to have grand melee :
1-Increase damage by 10%
2-Increase Blade flurry damage by another 10%
3-Keep the SnD timer bonus…but even better would be to simply have SnD active as long as any RtB buff is active.

imo that would be a nice bonus

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How did you get 54 minutes??

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The game really likes giving me GM on literally every single roll. That picture was from the end of a dungeon and it was built up to that over the course of 2 keys.

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The reason I can’t play outlaw. Too many buffs and crap to maintain. While not super hard it is super annoying. Just let us use most of our combo points on dps. Make between the eyes a talent and give a chance to proc extra crit on quick draw. Like if it proves it increases our crit by 2% for 10 seconds or something.


Really good for all those council fights in Aberrus…

For AoE. For AoE that is still needlessly capped and doesn’t require anything except pressing Blade Flurry every ten or so seconds.

Altering Grand Melee for the umpteenth time when players don’t want to play Outlaw because of its high APM and its awful playstyle just makes whoever develops Rogues look tone deaf and blind.



Brother the APM is literally the REASON many people choose to play and one trick the spec. I enjoy having maintenance buffs and min maxing a dynamically changing rotation on the fastest spec in the game. If I wanted to play a class in slow motion I’d just go back to playing FFXIV.


Give this man a true. I just want to be sufficiently rewarded for pulling it off correctly, instead of being snared by the “what if” police on the balancing team.


That’s why Outlaw is so popular?

It must be so ‘dynamically changing’ that you completely changed to Subtlety.

Don’t try to @ me because I logged out as sub when I’ve literally mained Outlaw for over 4 years now. I can see pretty clearly that you can’t even grasp the fundamentals of the spec.

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