Grand List of Customization Suggestions (Edited for Dragonflight)

Every race should get salt and pepper(or w/e to match their hair color). I didn’t realize how much I wanted ‘aging’ hair options until Uther from the later cinematic. Might be able to get away with highlights.


Old Gods YES!

I was literally considering that yesterday!

I would use it on SO many of my toons. T_T

So very many.

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Saw some good Tattoo concepts for zandalari Trolls from Keyboardtuern.

Figured I would add them here.

Edited some parts for Dragonflight and added a special segment for Dracthyr.

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Awesome work, i totally support all suggestions.

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Glad to say this was given.

Ticks me off that they gave it to Void Elves though out of nowhere.

At least Night Elves made a little sense, but now Alliance has 2 Dark Rangers to the Hordes 1 and Blood Elves still don’t have a unique thing besides jewelry and some eye/hair colors.

Guess it’s time to push San’layn and Felbloods as a unique racial theme.

Thank you, I wish I had more time to update it.

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Body sliders, more slootmogs, updated graphics for older mogs, all hairstyles from all races, available to all races, height slider LOL, all that would be a good beginning.

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MrGM just made a video on Dracthyr customizations.

They have a lot to say the least.

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Great post, should get more attention.

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After looking around and watching some videos I edited the Drakthyr section to have more suggestions.

If anyone knows of a main Drakthyr thread I would like to post this there as well and would appreciate the info.

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Might be one in the feedback forum.

Nothing except for a thread on armor visibility.

They seem to be focusing on classes atm.

Guess I’m going to contain it to here until a Drakthyr Megathread is made.

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I feel like they should probably finish the allied races and core races that barely got anything before adding more to Drakthyr.

Drakthyr are currently in development, so it is easier for them to add/fix things than other races at this point in time.

Whereas after they are shipped it would be less so.

Especially things like idle animations for their humanoid forms that will NOT change ever if they go live like this, short of bug fixes.

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