Grand List of Customization Suggestions (Edited for Dragonflight)

Dragonflights is on the horizon and customizations are still a hot subject. So I’ve compiled a list of the more common Customization Suggestions for each race.

This are just simple list of general concepts and ideas. I try not to get into too many specifics or focus on concepts that are just unlikely. I will leave those to the individual customization threads. (I also want to give the Blizzard Artist room to do their thing.)

Feel free to add your own ideas and discussions. And point out errors in grammar/spelling. I will try to add any popular ideas I can fit in this format.

Options for Every Race

Every Race

The new customization options where a major improvement in many cases, but some of the additions where not quite implemented in a good way and some basic options like scars are missing from most races.

Common Suggestions for All Races

  • More Hair/Beard Styles.
  • Eyebrow Customizations.
  • More Scars and Scars separated from Faces.
  • Tattoo and Marking Options for Races without them.
  • Blind Eye and Heterochromia options Simplified as a Toggle.
  • Jewelry Options for Every Gender.
  • Glasses/Monocle/Eyepatch as Customization Options so they can be worn with Helmets. Or to be made into cosmetic items.
  • Heritage Armor for Races that have not gotten theirs yet.
  • Voice Selection Options.
  • Body size options.
  • Racial Name Selection for Subraces. (High Elf, Sand Troll, Wildhammer, ect.)
  • More Subrace Options.



Dracthyr’s main issues seem to be not resembling other WoW Dragons and having limited Visage Forms.

Dracthyr Suggestions

Dracthyr Body Customizations

  • More Body Type Options.
  • Option to increase the size of the head/neck.
  • The option to see the teeth with the mouth closed like other WoW dragons.
  • Different Dragonkin Customizations.
  • Black Dragon options.

Visage Form Customizations

  • Allow other Races to be chosen as a Visage Form.
  • Change the Model/Animations so they don’t look so much like Humans/Blood Elves.
  • More skin colors then normal human ones, like Trolls or Night Elves.

Drakthyr Armor

  • Allow more armor pieces to be shown in Drakthyr form.
  • Fix the clipping on some of the Customization Armor options.


  • Allow Drakthyr to choose more classes then just Evoker.

Allied Races

Void Elves

Void Elves are currently in a unique spot with recent High Elf/Dark Ranger themed additions, but they did not receive anything new related to the Void theme yet.

The best path going forward would be to add more Void Themed options, as well as adding things to differentiate them more from Blood Elves.

Void Elf Suggestions


  • Tattoos/Markings like Alleria. (Both her Void and Non Void forms.)
  • Darker Void Infused Skin/Eye Colors.
  • Entropic Embrace customizations.
  • Scars/Void Marks.


  • Add Tentacles for all haircuts that don’t have the option to toggle them on.
  • More Void Inspired hair colors/effects.
  • The ability to change Tentacle Colors.
  • More hair styles, preferably some that are more managed/styled and less messy looking, and made with the Tentacle Toggle in mind.

Artwork and pictures

Alleria’s Tattoos

Alleria Tattoo Concept for Void Elves by Keyboardturn

Hair Styles (by Lu0ren)


Nightborne where a well loved NPC race in Legion, but the Player options and appearance fall short of the NPCs and they lack a lot of differentiation.

More things like the glowing hands and more options from NPCs would be welcome additions as well as increasing/improving the customizations available to them.

Nightborne Suggestions


  • Some Younger/Less Scowly Faces and Face Shape Options.
  • Glowing Hair like Nightborne NPCs.
  • Some Pastel hair colors.
  • Dark Grey Skin Tones like some Nightborne NPCs.

Magical Effects

  • More Intense Glowing Hand and Tattoo options.
  • Felborne Tattoo/Hand Glow/Hair Options.
  • Fel Green, Blue, Dark Purple, Magenta and Coral Eye Colors.
  • The ability to match Glowing Hands/Feet/Hair/Tattoo/Eye colors to eye Colors.


  • Arcan’dor themed Jewelry.
  • Bracers/Anklets like Nightborne NPCs.
Lightforged Draenei

Lightforged have some good options, but they could use more contrasting options for differentiation from other Lightforge players.

Lightforged Draenei Suggestions

  • Dark/Obsidian Skin Tones to show off Tattoos better.
  • More Eye Colors.
  • More Tattoo Patterns.
  • Brighter Tattoo options.
Highmountain Tauren

Highmountain Tauren got some good things, but they are still a little lacking in some departments. Also it would be neat if there was some options based off each tribe.

Highmountain Tauren Suggestions

  • More Warpaint Styles.
  • More Face Options.
  • Pure White and Pure Black Fur.
  • Different Accessories based off of the different Highmountain tribes.
Darkiron Dwarves

Darkiron Dwarves are pretty well received, but they could simply use more options and some more standout features.

Darkiron Dwarf Suggestions

  • More Tattoo Patterns.
  • Red/Orange Tattoo options.
  • Burnt/Lava Hands/Feet/Scars.
  • Separate Beard/Mustache options.
Kul Tiran

Kul Tirans could use some customizations to show their nautical nature a bit more obviously.

Kul Tiran Suggestions

  • Sailor Arm and Back Tattoos.
  • Bigger Beards/Mustache. (Some Pirate Like)
  • More Face Options
  • An Eyepatch as a face customization.

Tattoo Concepts by Handclaw


Mechagnomes enjoy some unique customizable body parts but the mechanizations hide legs/boots/gloves so it’s very hard for Mechagnome to look unique from each other. Separation of options and more colors for parts would greatly help making them more unique from each other.

Mechagnome Suggestions

  • More Paint Jobs/Metal Types for Mechanical Parts.
  • Additional Mechanization options. (More hand/claw/foot/ear/eye/limb types.)
  • Mechanized Skin options for a full Mechanized look.
  • More Eye Colors for Augmented Eyes. (Matching normal eye colors.)
  • The ability to have different colors/parts for each Eye/Ear/Limb.
  • Allow the use of both head and jaw options together.
  • The ability to have Gloves/Boots show for more Transmog options.
Zandalari Trolls

Zandalari are pretty solid, but could use some more regal options to show off their status among the Trolls.

Zandalari Troll Suggestions

  • Larger Gold Tattoo options with more coverage.
  • Solid Gold Tusk.
  • More Eye Colors.
  • More Jewelry Options.

Gold Tattoo Concepts by Handclaw


Not much to say about Vulpera, most are pretty happy. But they too should see more options.

Vulpera Suggestions

  • Heterochromia Simplified as a Toggle.
  • More Fur Patterns.
  • More Ear Shapes.
  • More Muzzle Shapes.
  • More Earring Options that aren’t tied to ears. (For both genders)

Mag’har Could use some more options, they could also share more things with regular Orcs.

Mag’har Suggestions

  • Pale Shattered Hand Clan Skins.
  • Bleeding Hollow gouged Eye options.
  • Shattered Hand Stump. (Equipping a weapon just attaches it to the end)
  • Eyebrow Options for both genders.

Core Races

Blood Elves

Blood Elves have not gotten a lot of new options that are unique to them. Most new options where shared with Void Elves. Leaving Blood Elves, especially the males, lacking in many distinct and meaningful options.

The jewelry is limited, their hair is very outdated by today’s game standards, and they have not gotten scars despite having almost be wiped out by the scourge, and the Runic Tattoos that are on the TBC box art have been a request since Blood Elves addition to the game.

Blood Elf Suggestions

Subrace Options

  • Additional Dark Ranger Options. (Dark Ranger Eye Makeup, Darker Undead Skins)
  • San’layn Themed Options. (Fangs, Batlike Ears, Claws, ect.)
  • Felblood Elf Themed Options. (Fel Tainted Skin and Potentially Horns/Claws.)


  • Rune Tattoos like the Burning Crusade Box Art and Magister Rommath.
  • Phoenix Tattoos like the Farstrider Hanzo Skin for HotS.
  • Scars/Burns and Damaged Ears.
  • Makeup/Warpaint Options. Including Dark Ranger inspired designs.

Jewelry Improvements/Fixes

  • Allow males to use Jewelry.
  • More Metal and Gem colors for Jewelry. (Including Darker and more ‘Goth’ options.)
  • More Jewelry Types. (Chokers, Metal Feathers/Feathers and Eye/Nose/Lip Piercings, Etc.)
  • Fix the bracelets so they aren’t pixelated.


  • Separate the Tiaras/Headbands from specific hairstyles.
  • Add Large and Fancy Hair/Beard/Mustache Styles.
  • More Gothic/Grunge hairstyles.
  • Eyebrow Size options.

Artwork and pictures


San’layn concepts and makeup by Qualia

Runic Tattoos

Rune Concepts by Handclaw

Hanzo’s Farstrider Skin Tattoo

Beards by Naitsade

Beards by Mathptr1


Worgen have a unique ability to shapeshift into Human forms, but it feels like this is drawing away from the actual Worgen options that you use the vast majority of the time, also their options are mostly changing fur patterns on similar looking faces.

Worgen Suggestions


  • Larger and more visible Braids/Patches/extensions.
  • More Hair decorations/accessories. (Maybe a small hat or rose for Females)
  • Separate Beard options and add more beard styles.
  • Mane Color Options.


  • Improve the Heterochromia selection in the menu with Left/Right Eye toggles.
  • Improve the Eye Glow Selection and let them use Worgen Eyes in Human form.
  • More Muzzle Shapes and Teeth options.
  • More Ear Selections, including more Wolf-like Options.


  • Separate scars from faces.
  • More facial Scars and Damaged ears.
  • Large Body Scars/Bite Marks/Claw Marks.
  • Scars Visible in Human Form.


  • More Darker and Pure Black Fur Colors.
  • Optional Tail Toggle, with Short/Medium/Long and Curled/Thin/Fluffy as well as damaged/stump appearance options.
  • Shaggier Fur options.

Orcs have many different clans and traditions that are still unavailable to them despite being in the lore.

Orc Suggestions

  • More Orcish Clan Skins, including Blackrock, Dragonmaw, and the like.
  • Dragonmaw Tattoos.
  • Bleeding Hollow gouged Eye options.
  • Shattered Hand Stump. (Equipping a weapon just attaches it to the end)
  • Eyebrow Options for both genders.

Dragonmaw Skin/Tattoos by Handclaw


Trolls have many different groups that people would like to play and Troll Beards have been a thing in lore since WC3.

Troll Suggestions

  • Beards for Males!
  • Eyebrow Options.
  • More Troll subrace options, like Forest and Ice Troll.
  • Macular Body options for both genders.

Beard Concepts by mathptr1


Goblins could use some options to be more flashy, given their races chaotic and reckless nature.

Goblin Suggestions

  • ‘Bling’ AKA Large Jewelry options for both Genders. (Including Brass Knuckles)
  • Eyebrow Options.
  • Soot Marks from Explosions on face/hands/body.
  • Smoldering Hair options.

Bling Concepts by Handclaw
Soot Concepts by Handclaw


Gnomes have an inventive and troubled history and there should be some more options to reflect that.

Gnome Suggestions

  • Grease Marks on Face/Hands/Body.
  • Afro Hair Style and an Einstein Styled Mustache.
  • Radiation Scars/Leper Gnome Skin.
  • A Cosmetic Utility Belt/Backpack.

Draenei could use some more accessories.

Draenei Suggestions

  • Damaged Horns.
  • More Jewelry and Gem Color customizations.
  • Body Jewelry.
  • Runes on Horns like they had before the model update.

Dwarves recently got Wildhammer Options which added a lot more variety and visual distinction to their roster. But they did not get a lot of Ironforge Specific Options and also lack things like the separation of Beard/Mustache Options.

Dwarf Suggestions

  • More Tattoo Patterns and Colors. Including Black.
  • More Accessory options and colors. Including Iron Forge Themed ones.
  • Beardless option for Males and More Elaborate Beard Options.
  • Larger and More Elaborate hairstyles for Females.
  • Separate Beard/Mustache options.

Pandaren lack a lot of options to distinguish themselves from each other.

Pandaren Suggestions

  • More Distinct Face shape options.
  • Tail toggle for both genders.
  • Red Panda options for males.
  • Blind Eye options.
  • More Haircut Options, and add Highlights for males.

Humans could simply use some options decoupled and shared across genders.

Human Suggestions

  • Scars separated from Faces and more Scars added.
  • Necklaces/Piercings for Males.
  • Larger, more Wizardly, Beard Options.
  • Let every Face use every Skin Color.

Undead have a lot of potential to play with the Zombie/Undead theme.

Undead Suggestions

  • Bolts/Electrodes in the Head/Neck.
  • Large Stitches for face/body.
  • Body Parts with different skin colors.
  • Beards for males.
  • Curly Hair.
  • Large Black Makeup.

Makeup by NɅITSɅDE
Beards by NɅITSɅDE
Stitches/Skin by Handclaw

Night Elves

Night Elves could use a few improvements.

Night Elf Suggestions

  • Highborn themed Options.
  • Face/Body Rigging improvements.
  • Young Faces for Males.

Tauren could use more improvements/options and more faces.

Tauren Suggestions

  • Grimtotem Warpaint.
  • More Face Options.
  • White Fur for Spirit Walkers.
  • More Mane/Hair Options.
  • More Horn Options.

Races without tattoos are markings/tattoos all would like to have some. It’s an easy way to add flair to a character so I added them in their own section with more elaborate info on the ideas and designs.

Worgen Scars

Worgen Scars Concepts


  • Large Visible Scars on the Face/Limbs/Body.
  • Face/Limbs/Body Scars are all separately customizable to mix and match.
  • Current Scars are Delinked from faces with more Facial Scars added.
  • Mostly Bite/Claw marks.
  • All scars can be visible on both Human Form and Worgen Form.

Facial Scars.

  • Raked, 3 large claw marks across the entire face.
  • Swipe, 3 claw marks across the bottom half of the face/muzzle.
  • Inner Rage, Claw Marks down the sides of the face.
  • Crescent , One Large Curving Scar across nose/cheekbones/muzzle.
  • Torn, large oval scar with jagged edges on the side of face.
  • Fang, Teeth marks.
  • Stocks, Worn/Scratched area around neck.
    (Note; I am not including the old facial scars as those are established)

Limb Scars

  • Bitten, Large outline of a Worgen bite on Arm.
  • Scratched, Claw Marks on Forearm.
  • Gored, Large Jagged patches on Arms/Legs with other scratches.
  • Mauled, Bite and Claw Marks on Arms and legs.
  • Alpha, 3 large Claw Marks on Upper Arms/Thighs.
  • Plagued, Plague Burns/Scars on Arms/Legs.

Body Scars

  • Preyed, Large Bite Mark on shoulder.
  • Raked, 3 Large Claw Marks down Back.
  • Rip, Pair of large Claw Marks of chest.
  • Mauled. Many Claw Marks on Chest.
  • Swiped. Many Claw Marks on Back.
  • Clawed. Many Claw Marks on Chest/Back.
  • Animal, Claw Marks across Stomach.
Blood Elf Runes

Blood Elf Tattoo Concepts


  • Magister Rommath/TBC Box Art and Indo-Arabic inspired geometric shapes and Sanskrit styled writings.


  • Face and Body are separately customizable. (Note; This will help with Demon Hunters who want the new Face Tattoos and want to keep Demon Hunter Tattoos)
  • Large Patterns and Small Runes are separately customizable. Small Runes follow along patterns of the Large Runes/Lines.


  • Arcane Blue, Fel Green, Sunwell Gold, Blood Red, Arcane Purple, Faded, Black. (Note; These match Eye Colors and Demon Hunter Tattoo Colors)
  • Can be Glowing or None Glowing.

Runic Writing

  • Sanskrit Style. Like TBC Box Art
  • Sketchy. Somewhat Cuneiform Styled
  • Geometric. Abstract Shapes and lines.


  • Scryer. TBC Box Art on Face. Large circular/sweeping lines on Chest/Arms/Back.
  • Rune Master. Large Runes across the Face/Nose Bridge. Large Runes going down Chest/Arms.
  • Sunwell. Large Sun Shape over Eye. Large Sun Shape on Back (Or Chest?)
  • Sunfury. Small Suns on the Shoulder.
  • Grand Magister. Literally based off of Magister Rommath’s Geometric Arms Sleeves. Can continue on Face to just below Eyes/nose.
  • Blood. Large Sweeping line across Eyes with lines going downward under Eyes. (T_T) Large line across Shoulders/Collarbone and going down center of Chest/Back.
  • Filigree. Curving Intricate Patterns down Arms/Chest ending at fingertips/Toes. (Henna Inspired) Starts Under Eyes when on Face and going up ears.
  • Arcane, Asymmetric Circles with dashes/lines going through them.
  • Falcon, A downward pointing triangle on nose and a large sweeping line connecting under the eyes to the ear tips. Similar pattern across chest/back.
  • Ashes, a Large Phoenix on the Chest/Back. Feather Patterns around the eyes and a Flame Pattern lines along the jaw for the face.
  • Phoenix. Literally Farstrider Hanzo’s Tattoo from HotS.
Forsaken Stitches

Forsaken Stitches Concepts


  • Large Stitches across the head/body/arms/legs
  • You can pick a different skin color for each stitched part.
  • Each part is Separately Customizable.


  • Skull Cap, a ring of stitches around the top of the head.
  • Phantom, Stitches around the right side of the face.
  • Orbits, stitches around each eye socket.
  • Two Faced, Stitches down the middle of the head from back to front.
  • Grin, Stitches at the corners of the mouth.
  • Muzzle, Stitches around the mouth.
  • Neck, Stitches around neck.
  • Horizontal, Stitches through the middle of the face.


  • Lefty, Stitches around the upper part of the left arm.
  • Righty, Stitches around the upper part of the right arm.
  • Hugger, Stitches around the upper part of both arms.
  • Degloved, Stitches around the forearms.
  • Forearm. A line of stitches over the forearm.


  • Lefty, Stitches around the upper part of the left thigh.
  • Righty, Stitches around the upper part of the right thigh.
  • Trousers, Stitches around the waste.
  • Bootstraps. Stitches around each leg below the knee.
  • Shin Splints, Stitches down the shins.


  • Rib Spreader, stitches in the shape of a ‘Y’ down the chest.
  • Zipper, Stitches down the center of the back.
  • Heartless, A line of stitches across the left side of the chest.
  • Gut Wrenched, A line of stitches across the stomached.
  • Kidneys, Line of stitches over the kidneys.
    (Note; these are based off of Artwork from Handclaw)
Void Elf Markings

Void Elf Markings/Tattoo Concepts


  • Alleria and Celtic inspired with waving lines and abstract shapes.


  • Left/Right Eyes, Arms, and Legs. Note each are separately customizable so you can mix and match.


  • Blue, Purple, Red, Black, Green, White, and maybe a pale Yellow.


  • Normal (Like Alleria in Normal Form)
  • Glowing (Like a Backlight Tattoo/Alleria’s In Void Form)
  • Corrupted which is the Tentacle Effect on the Tattoo for moving/waving patterns.


  • Scarred, Streaks across the face/limbs.
  • Abyss/Beyond, Curling Patterns in random places. (Triskelion Inspired Design)
  • Entropic, A Waving Tentacle like pattern that covers the majority of the Eye/Forelimb.
  • Consumed, Covering an entire Arm/Leg/Side of Face.
  • Allerian, Literally based off of Alleria’s waving/tendril like pattern.
  • Silver Covenant. WC2/Silver Covenant Homage.
  • The Eye, Large Eye Tattoos. (Dalaran/N’zoth symbol mash up.)
  • Seeker, Bands over Eyes/Arms/Legs.
    (Note, these names came from Dwarf Tattoo naming conventions of naming places/concepts)
Human Mural Tattoos

Human Mural Tattoo Concepts


  • Full Color patterns based of Various human Kingdoms and Heroes.


  • Lothar, A Lion Head Tattoo on the chest.
  • Varian, A Eagle on the right shoulder and a Lion on the left shoulder.
  • Trollbane, A Sword down the chest.
  • Uther, A Silver Hand Fist on the chest.
  • Stormwind, A Lion on the upper back.
  • Stromgrad, Fist on the upper back.
  • Gilneas. Gilneas Crest on the upper back.
  • Dalaran, A Dalaran Eye on the upper back.
  • Lordaeron, A Lordaeron Crest on the upper back.
  • Kul Tiras, A Kul Tiras Anchor on the upper back.
Gnome Grease Marks

Gnomish Grease.

  • Grease marks in Black, Brown, Green, and Gold on the Hands/Chest/Face from working with machines.
Pandaren Fur Patterns

Fur Patterns.

  • More distinct fur patterns for Pandaren with fully customizable fur colors.
Vulpera Fur Patterns

Fur Patterns.

  • More distinct fur patterns for Vulpra with fully customizable fur colors.

And here’s some ideas for Goblins from Handclaw that do a better explanation then what I could.

Goblins Soot Marks

Goblins Soot

  • Soot marks from explosions on the Face/Chest/Arms.
    ( Soot Concepts by Handclaw)

Edited for Dragonflight.


Great thread Drede! Wow, love it.

And may I humbly suggest…

The Most Needed Customization Option For All Races and Classes

Underwear Gear Slot and various new transmog options

  • New Underwear Vendors
  • Red Heart Boxers drop from Hogger



Thank you Drede, this is a big help for finding customizations suggestions!


Eye patch mog for all armor types

Or just make it a customization for all races


You forgot dwarves in core races. Also I suggest fel skin or fel customization for races that can be warlocks.


Where’s that post that guy made a few weeks ago with all those beautiful renditions of different appearances? I think they were for humans, but could easily be applied to most races.

This one?


Dwarf Suggestions

What Dwarves got was pretty great, but there are a few odd omissions from the first pass that would make for easy fixes.

  1. Accessories colour, ergo the cuffs in female dwarf braids, all piercings, and male dwarf beards. Right now they’re all defaulted to gold, but nearly every other race has at least a few options for colour, including gnomes. The dwarf jewelry is some of the most prominent of all the races, it doesn’t make sense to exempt them from being able to make those items, say, silver, or bronze. The feathers as well should have a few colour options, much like night elf leaves.

  2. Tattoo colours, which are nice currently but again oddly limited. For example, it’s currently impossible to get the same colour tattoos as actual Wildhammer NPCs. There’s also no option for black tattoos, and the current green doesn’t actually match the Wildhammer tabard, it’s a strange lime green.


  1. Female gnomes need more of everything, honestly. They gained so few new updates that they’re currently the only core race without a second tab in their customization. I assume this was due to a lot of stuff already made being cannibalized for Mechagnomes, but there’s very little reason why they can’t share even some.

  2. Mechanical limbs, which seems like a no-brainer, and can easily be done in a way that differentiates them from Mechagnomes. Even just the arms, or an eye, would add a lot of combinations.


More shared hairstyles, especially between races that are close culturally. Human females still don’t have a proper braid hairstyle, despite there literally being a Dwarven District in Stormwind, where braids are all the rage. Swapping styles between the races, altered to fit the given culture, would not only make sense lorewise but is something that’s been done before when the barbershop first opened.


Give us a way to color our nails

Since it hasn’t been mentioned Meta needs customization imo. While it does retain hair color thats all it does, doesn’t even retain tattoo color which the player has selected iirc.


Great googly moogly, that’s a big post (15 default .doc pages). Megathread indeed.

Just taking this a bit at a time, I don’t think Dark Ranger/San’layn are really appropriate for a generic “Blood Elf” customization. They just come with too much implication and baggage - these are undead creatures, on the opposite side of the life/death equation.

That said, I do think more demonic Blood Elves would fit. Something that leans more towards the Kael’thas’ Felblood, Sunwell Goons line of aesthetic.


Honestly there’s no reason Eyepatches/Monocles/Glasses shouldn’t be a thing separate from helmets/hats so we can have both.

Huh oh, think that one got deleted by mistake, I’m going to have to redo it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I’m not sober enough to add anything reasonable. I just wanted to give a bump.

If we can out-FF14 with customization and vanity options, that would be a win on so many levels.


At this point, I really wish they would finish Heritage Armor for the core races. Not exactly a customization but transmog can be a heavy function of who a character is.


You have my support! Still lots of work on customization to go!


Thread about worgen’s request for tails That’s going on nearly 9k posts so far as we who post on it really want our worgen having their tails already. Mind you some posts might get silly but we’re none the less more determined to get those tails for worgen


Add eyebrow customization to all races plus matching hair colors. Give dwarve females more dwarven hairstyles, jewelry and tattoos for both M&F.


I might make an “All” Section that includes those things and scars.

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For Vulpera, the addition of head hair that isn’t tied to fur would be lovely, where it makes sense. Albino option for all races.

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I often wonder what lengths Blizzard could add to Vulpera and Worgen and Tauren hairstyles if they really applied themselves. All three are fairly limited.