Gotta say Mage is fun

So as you can guess my main is a paladin.

But since i filled his inventory with crafting and auction house stuff and am to lazy to clear it out, I’ve started playing on my Necrolord Arcane Mage.

And honestly its been a blast. Did a few of the lfr for Castle Denathris, had a blast with that. And just did a random Heroic dungeon today, which was just a more of sprint than a dungeon, but it was kinda fun to just explode everywhere. And i’ve setup a castsequence macro to unload barrage ever for blasts!

So its just been a lot of fun messing around with new abilities (new to me, since i rarely played my alts). And I’ve been learning the powers of shields, especially comboed with the conduit that heals you for the damage taken to your shields! And then Alter time has been a blast now that I’ve been able to use it effectively!

This isn’t my usual “something could be better” post, but I wanted to just share that I’m enjoying playing a mage!
Though still, if you have any tips you want to share, feel free to do so! I doubt I’ll do anything that NEEDS any sort of skill, but they’re great to know nonetheless!


Welcome to the mage-y goodness! I agree - I absolutely love playing mages, especially arcane. If you’re just using the damage rotation, it gets dull. But when your muscle memory gets trained to quickly fire off interrupts, spellsteals, shield yourself, polymorph, use your cooldowns, etc., it gets to be really fun and you can fend for yourself pretty well. Sometimes I’m even surprised about the things I’ve pulled off without dying :joy:

I had such a blast the other doing PvP the pvp itself was terrible. However I kept spellstealing Ghostwolf off of a shaman, and then kept slowing them. I was giggling like madman!

Let’s not forget Klepto :sweat_smile: Spellsteal then cancel the buff so no one can steal it back. Let even more giggling ensue.

Would you say that you’ve had….


…Arcane blast?


It has been a triple blast…


OMG don’t say “fun”. Don’t even think it. If Blizz sees the “F” word they will nerf us again.

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Im enjoying messing round on my mage. Wish I was better of playing arcane though. I dont understand how to do the burn phase and what not correctly lol.

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