Gotta be faster on those ban waves, blizz

Almost every server I’ve checked at multiples times a day does not have:

In Stratholme.

Heartseeker Alliance at prime time ( 6:00 P.M.) on a Sunday right now has 5 people in Stratholme.

Whitemane Alliance current has 30 people in Stratholme. 9 level 60 Mages, the majority of people in Stratholme are in guilds.

Herod Horde has 38 people in Stratholme. 20 of them are level 60 Mages, most are unguilded and none have random 5 letter names.

Netherwind Alliance currently has 15 people in Stratholme. 5 of them are level 60 Mages.

Grobbulus Alliance currently has 11 people in Stratholme. 2 of them are level 60 Mages and all but one person are in guilds.

It would be pretty interesting if they open sourced their bot-detection algorithms, and allowed the community to contribute.

Indeed, I couldn’t feel very comfortable using closed-source encryption algorithms.

for sure, people wouldnt abuse of that at all

or botters would use it to avoid being detected


Yeah, because telling botters how you detect them is totally going to work.

But seriously, you want to know what happens when you have an MMO where the code is open source? Fallout 76. Trust me, fly hacking and clipping through floors is NOTHING compared to the stuff that goes down in that game.

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That’s a perspective worth examining. For actual security protocols, it’s relatively well proven.

Well, yes… it does tend to work.

No, not particularly, and this isn’t what I suggested either.

No. I have zero reason to trust you. You also have zero reason to trust me.

The solution is to fix the teleport fly hack server side. This is what bots are doing to farm instances while hovered in mid air.

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That’s actually how cyber security works. You should read up on how it works, it’s quite interesting!

Ever gonna answer why they don’t hand out hardware bans like they did for overwatch?

No. Why would hardware bans do anything for anyone with any technical knowledge whatsoever?

Explain how they work, precisely, then let’s continue that conversation.

Do you have any issues with anything that I have stated?

That you have only seen one botter

I’ve only personally encountered one character that I suspected was a bot.

If you have issue with that, that’s on you to provide evidence.

That you have only seen one suspected bot is the evidence of:
-deliberate shilling
It takes no effort to go find bots in classic
From the barrens to STV to Alterac there they are, pathing the same path
Fighting the same fight
Keep treating your customers like idiots, seems like it is working out


Some effort is not the same as no effort.

I have not gone out of my way to find bots. I’ve just played the game. I’m not making any claims that bots do not exist. I’m simply stating how many characters I’ve personally run into where I was suspicious.

  1. It was a Hunter in Shimmering Flats, when I was leveling during phase 2, on Fairbanks.

Are you stating anything?

Are you claiming anything?

Do you find fault with anything I’ve stated?

So its deliberate shilling then.
You one of the CA’s that survived the purge or do you do it for free?
Either way my sub is up and cyberdaddy is coming out before SL now
good luck with the company
Im sure Q3 is gonna be fun


You don’t answer any of my direct questions, and have found zero fault with anything I’ve stated.

Why are you even responding to my posts?

I’m assuming you meant CS. Zero CS were cut during the February 2019 layoffs.

Not that I know anything about Blizzard’s internal workings, but in film, and a lot of other industries, such as games, aren’t there a lot of contract workers? Not renewing a contract isn’t a layoff.

It may be interesting to dive further into that.

I am interested in how cyber security works. Got any good reading material on open source security that could be used to prevent botting?

I mean it isn;t going to happen in classic but I am still interested.

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le reddit spacing

Pretty sure there were like 800 customer facing employees that were laid off after BfA (predictably) flopped

Sounds like you typed that straight from Blizzards response sheet

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