Gotta ask. wtf

wtf is a prepatch and why do we care

Pre-Patch is the next expansion’s patch but without the content. So Wrath talent tree/balancing/etc but we still only have TBC content

Introduces dks, fresh servers, class changes. Pretty big deal so it’s a hot topic.


troll mage

there is no consistent WE in here

listen once prepatch drops all of us are lvling deathknights


as mentioned above, it changes the game dramatically which is why it’s so popular. A new class is introduced, Death Knights, all classes are rebalanced and changed up, and talent trees are reworked which changes gameplay for everybody. It’s a big deal because there’s so much that is changed.

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We don’t know but we want it now!!!1

If only we had an internet search engine where we can view such information already presented for us instead of forcing people to write something just for you.

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the entire troll wooshed over your head apparently

Google used to be useful for finding a wide array of information. Now its algorithms have made it pretty useless with the same couple of sites. At this point, I can just go to Washington Post’s website and don’t need Google to direct me there

Plus, googles a keyword search. Easier to get a direct answer from these people. I love the google shamers hahahaa

What are you on about? Using any search engine you wish would get you the information results on this topic. Such a search would show you any threads created on this topic, and other written/video information on this topic as it pertains to WoW.