Got excited to play my feral in Mplus after the buffs... until

I saw how much damage ret paladins do now.

They were somewhat in the same boat as feral before. I was doing pretty similar damage to ret pallies in keys If anything a little less actually overall.

Logged on for the first time excited to do a key and did a 17 Everbloom and this pally in slightly lower ilvl than me ( 470 ish ) absolutely smoked me in damage. Like, over a quarter more damage. And also every single target fight he also smoked me and the other shaman. I finished with 180k overall dps but it was nothing compared to the ret.

My question is, are ret overturned yet again? or does feral still need more?


They never were

Both actually


Have you also tried running with a DH and a fire mage? They will also make you feel like you are afk in the key, lol.


Actually i did a key with a fire mage 20 ilvls lower than me and he finished with almost the same overall :frowning:


I loved Feral in the beginning of 10.0, it was smooth and intuitive to play and VERY rewarding. Then blizzard did what it always does. Tells you it is improving things and then just makes you push more buttons to get the same effects. Too many people come into the forums and support it also.

I find it very funny how they make you do more to get less and people applaud it as good lol


You’re pushing the same buttons as S1 though?

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Don’t worry too much about ret. They don’t scale well at all and will probably fall off a cliff next season.

They weakened the bleeds from season one and threw in Ferocious Bite in the middle of the aoe rotation and then added Feral Frenzy into it. MORE buttons to get the same result, like I said. Pretty simple if you played feral and saw it happening. Easy to push the buttons but the results take longer to manifest. It was fun to build and bleed in the beginning, now it is a chore to get the same results imho.

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Same buttons

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Im just trying to explain the changes I see in the spec and Im getting trolled all over by a kitty who finally finished his first LFR since BFA lol


Thats fine…but you’re explaining it wrong.

Proving you wrong makes me a troll? Well alright then

I’m Finding Feral really Starts falling off this time of every expansion, ever since armor pen was removed actually.

Feral relies heavily on timing bleed laydowns with your buffs and trinkets, not to mention pooling energy, as well as keeping track of 6 timers AND Mechanics. Shapeshifting wastes global cooldowns along with a lot of other abilities that do 0 damage or self benefit.
Any class you run that has heavy upfront burst damage like monks, warriors and ret paladins. pulls away from your bleed damage, they fall off very early with things dying so quickly. Even our Ferocious bites just aren’t chunking like other class finishers and executes are right now.

Its a huge problem that causes a lot of ferals to stress out and feel like they aint good enough to cut it.

I for one really wish blizzard would finally fix this. I wish I had more solutions to give too, other than giving them more burst which would just make feral like the rest of the up-fronters. (I’ll assume most ferals don’t want that). theres huge potential with the Feral spec. I definitely would welcome some talents that reward us for shapeshifting.

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Problem is, for the most part, we’re a DoT spec.

Buff Ferocious Bite, people complain.
Buff our Bleeds and we get nerfed because we’re too strong in raids/ST oriented fights

The somewhat reverted nerf to Rampant Ferocity was nice. Now if we could get a small buff to Primal Wraths direct damage portion, increase the damage portion on Tear Open Wounds, and perhaps a 10% increase to Rip.

Primal Wrath spam isnt all that fun, but we’re gonna do it anyway, so a little more upfront damage wouldnt hurt. Its not our leading damage by any means so its not like we’ll jump straight to the top with it or anything, but it may still be noticeable in AoE situations.

I dont think we’ll ever be chart toppers. But it wouldnt hurt spending a little.more time in the top third

Edit: we do great in 40 second windows where we can get 2 FFs off with Rip ticking the entire duration. But outside of that, we’re lackluster. One FF window and we dont have enough Rip ticks going. We go beyond 2 and burst classes get their second round of insane burst damage windows. We gotta fall in between those and it RARELY happens that way

Look Grizzle, it is simple math bud. There have been quite a few patches and blizzard lists all the changes. YOU say there has been no changes. So one of two things is true for anyone who cares to notice. You are either mentally handicapped or a troll. Take your pick sunshine :slight_smile:

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And our Bleeds never took a hit like you said. You lost the tier set bonus. And we didnt magically gain new abilities that we have to press. I gave you a log from one of the top DPSing Ferals that used the exact same abilities we’re using now in S3.

No. I said they didnt nerf our bleeds. Big difference.

Youre just wrong…sorry you cant accept that. How you feels doesnt change the facts that are

Lets look at them together. Going into Season 2 all the way up to current:

Nothing but buffs to our bleeds.

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