Goono, horde hunter

Goono i needed to reach out to you and i already have an alliance alt on Faerlina. You are without a doubt the worst player ive ever encountered in this game, to the point its actually baffling! i dont even play classic anymore but to stop by for a quick AB and spend most of my time embarrassing a really bad hunter is making me rethink this! Maybe classic is some kind of refuge for terrible players and you were sent to me by a higher power to reveal this information to me and show that farming baddies could just be a new pastime for me. Do not sense sarcasm in this post, I am legitimately sincere and am thanking you for this revelation. While I have your attention tho, try googling LOS and see what comes up. Im sure a hunter can maybe formulate a better strat than to just stand still when the target hes marked is moving back and forth behind a pillar and dotting while you die. Feel free to message me on this platform if you have any questions!

I have a question. Umad?