Goodbye from Fudge

I should of seen it coming. After my friends left a week and a half into this game, I saw the beginning of the end. There was no option to join a euro time server and so I just plugged away leveling myself up to 60 solo minus 2 Cath runs 1 princess run and 1 Scholomance run. Guilds promised me options to raid during my play time(5am to 2pm server time) and of course it never really occurred. Had 1 fun wpvp day with an actual group (thanks junglefrogs), but other than that it was all on my own. Sure I didn’t have the best gear and it was really annoying getting bashed all the time about my gear in pvp (because I could never raid I had the BiS of everything not from raids or rank 12-14), but the worst part of it all was the mixture of both eliteism and dealing with premade groups all day long. I gave it my very best effort, I reached rank 10, but in the end I came to the inevitable conclusion that this is not a game for me…sure I would of ranked to 12 maybe in 5-6 months, but in that time I would of been miserable. I never backed down from a wpvp fight (minus you compost ugh you were a pain) and I can hold my head up high and be proud of what I accomplished. I wish you all the very best.