Goodbye Anathema

i’m gonna miss you all

goodbye :frowning:


Can I have your stuff?



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i’m transferring to Fairbanks.

inb4 more "can i have ur stuff’’ gang arrives

Fhallen, when did you decide you were going to leave the server? The video said the best warlock is leaving the realm.

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(omfg “body is unclear”. No its 100% clear)

If thats the case, you’ll have to face 's Dredflanders, lol…g’luck w/that~

Fairbanks you say?

I’m so happy I got off that dumpster fire of a server. Please, don’t hesitate to camp anyone in “Kind of a Big Deal”. In fact, I’d almost go so far as to offer a bounty for their guild leader, ronburgundy. Anything you do to make his life a little harder would, in fact, make me moist.

Bad to the bone :fist:

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Imagine making a goodbye post that no one cares about.

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Clearly u care my good pal and first alliance wpvp rival


na just playin, later bud

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i actually was thinking about putting u in the vid but its just you and your homies wrecking me at gurubashi arena at like lvl 43 lmfao

good times haha

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best warlock on anethema…no.

Best warlock on anathema is like bragging about being the smartest kid in special ED.

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