Good luck this week with grievous, disc friends

We are going to need it. I would almost go so far as to say grim rail last boss with the lightening might not actually be healable at a higher lvl, as disc

Why would we need luck? Lol disc is perfectly fine for grievous

what did i say after it, actually dont worry. your on a 46

Dang way to be a levelist. Disc is fine even in higher keys. It’s more likely a you problem if you can’t handle it

ok mate ok lol

So anyways. If anyone heals grimrail as disc on an over 15 let me know how you went and handled last boss

Thinking shadow cov might be the way to go on it this week for the xtra ST oomph for the lightening

I was worried about grievous so i ran a 13 to practice. It was a cake walk. Hardly noticed it.

Done 3 or 4 keys over 15 so far and its been way easier than last week. You basically had to heal every player after every time they took damage during a boss fight over 15 before the nerfs anyway.

Did moros on 15 and it was an absolutely joke compared to past week.

Wasnt really the other keys iw eas worried about tho i thank you for your words. Did you do grimrail. Im cautious on since the lightening cant be dodged everyone is constnatly sitting in greivous and if we are spamming Smends all the time are we betetr going holy for it. Was more focused on grimrail i suppose then the otehr keys. prob should have specified that in the title

and maybe last boss U kara. god i hated that fight

Just joined a 15 to try and was able to do it. Was pretty easy honestly.

Before the dragon comes down make sure everyone is topped up and use pws on everyone. Save penance. Right as the dragon starts casting breath start moving and use Penance on the boss. When you get your safe space radiance.

That was enough for me to keep everyone up. Start reshielding people and dps a bit. Repeat.

I realized i used no cooldowns and the boss was almsot dead so i sheilded everyone like normal and used boon for a breath. The next one during my sheild i used rapture.

It was honestly a joke compared to 16 last week. The breath took a big nerf and the boss dies so quick.

Try going kyrian

Also do you take the crit buff? When you get your haste to 30ish its kinda pointless to stack a bunch more imo. I go crit. By the last boss your crit chace is 50%. Shadowmend crits are really strong.

Bruh your talents are a mess

Your cov is horrible

You should check out some very basic disc guides like icey veins for some tips

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He’s running raid talents/cov. So he just logged out in em.

Also Venthyr isn’t actually that bad for Disc rn. It’s a pretty safe pick especially with the nathrezim dealing damage to themselves with vampiric, etc. just doesn’t put out much damage.

I guess its a not bad choice, boon is way better though in basically every situation especially grievous.

I did U kara 15 tonight and failed on last boss.
Wouldn’t say it was a healing problem though. People sitting in bad is really all there is to it… Maybe it would be a problem with grevious + tyranical, but fortified is ok.

Some packs are super rough though. But I could anticipate them easily and could manage just fine.

I def use shadow cov this week. My damage is taking a bit of a drop but it’s A LOT safer.

Didn’t do grimrail yet. Timed 3 15s in grevious and it was ok. Iron docks was really close and some trash in workshop are super strong…

You just need pumpers that can down the boss fast. If it takes too long, you are toast.

Actually, that’s how most runs and most dungeons are. Period. If the dps pump a lot it’s easy. If they pump a lot, do mechanics, namely dodging, the tank not face tanking and doing silly pulls and running out of range and LOS of heals almost any experienced healer can heal a 15 np. Kick in good kicks and CC and all the rest of it and it’s really easy. I’m finding group to group it’s a dice roll, and the most critical thing is having pumper dps.

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hahaha those arent my key talents mate. They were my play around talents. I got 3k io in season 3 as disc dont worry :stuck_out_tongue:

Being fort might be helpful i imagine. I have a gambit this week so not as bad

Edit. Moving house so im rushed. Yes they are raid talents. I much prefer Venthyr in raid over kyrian

Dude, this week cuz of grievous just choose mastery. I have been doing that all day–and I healed maybe ten dungeons all 15s-17s and I chose mastery almost every time even though I might have chosen crit–which is good for both healing and damage. People are still learning so forget about pumping a lot of damage yourself–you want the most potent heals you can get right now I think. Later when everyone has better gear you can choose crit or whatever. Mastery should help a lot.

Crit all the way. An empowered penance with a 50% crit chance heals for like 140k.

Shadow mend crits for 35k are very strong on grievous weeks.

Plus your damage doesnt suffer.

I havent even noticed grievous this week and ive done yp to 17.

An empowered penance on a hostile target will literally top your entire group if you have the crit buff

I finished the last boss with like 80% mana on 15, didnt lose a single dps, could have got by with zero cooldowns.

Yeah the question i want answered tho is grim rail last boss.

I did grimrail last boss on 15 last night to try, joined a pug.

With the breath being nerfed and it not being tyranical i found 15 with grievous was easier than last week.

Going into the breath you want to make sure everyone is topped up at the start and sheilded. Save penance for the breath. Watch the sky, when he starts flying towards the train, start walking and cast penance on the boss. By the time the bolts start hitting the breath has hit. Sheild takes some of it (if you took the crit buff sheild crits are 15k so its decent), then penance through atonement brings everyone up. You should be at your safe spot and everyone will be around 80%, use radiance and start dpsing. Resheild the group, rinse and repeat.

You should also be using fade whenever you can for the breath. And desperate prayer.

In my 15 the boss lived for 6 breaths. I started using cooldowns on the last two. I finished the fight with 80% mana and no deaths.

Ill run it again today and log it for you

They nerfed the breath did they? moving house i havent had time to look