Good job Blizzard, you created an entire dungeon that is an accessibility nightmare

My friends on the Eleven server have let me know as a Disabled player that there is a dungeon that I will likely not be able to complete in its current form.

This is the Dawnbreaker dungeon. Not only is Skyriding REQUIRED to go from point A to B but you have to actually be able to follow along with things in order to stay alive.

I avoided PUGging all this past xpac for fear of getting into Nokhud. Getting around in there required me to use the ‘ride along’ feature, which when you PUG is not guaranteed that players will have opened up. Same with Amirdrassil in the second to last boss, I had to jump onto a player to get from one platform to the other

I have cerebral palsy in one hand, thus I do everything in this game with one hand. I’m only able to skyride in a DOWNWARD direction. I am also blind in one eye and 20/100 in my remaining one.

More and more you’re making design decisions that leave out some of your disabled player base, and it’s become clear you no longer want players like me.

My suggestions fo making this dungeon more accessible are:

  1. Tone down either the amount of damage done by missing this mechanic,

  2. Create an accessiblity mount for the dungeon to hop onto,

  3. Force mounts that have the ride-along feature available and unlock it for everyone for the purposes of this dungeon.

Otherwise I see myself being kicked from SO MANY dungeons in the future due to not being able to complete this mechanic.


The moment I saw i’ve had to fly mid fight to do that boss I knew it would be trouble for people with disabilities.

And you dont need to just fly off in a straight line like nokhud, you need to fly around and control the momentum to spin around the ship high enough, so you can come back after she ends the cast.

The idea behind it is amazing, but indeed, they can add some acessibility to it


I definitely agree that these sorts of things should accessible to people who literally can’t do the mechanics because of physical limitations, and that should take priority over the mechanics themselves.

Ideally there should be an accessibility feature that doesn’t just negate the whole encounter, but if that’s not possible then it’s the mechanics that should be changed.


I would like them to allow us to eliminate certain dungeons from coming up in a random queue. That isn’t the type of dungeon I would want to do either but so much of their new stuff is designing around embarrassing people who fail personal tasks that I have just taken to not doing any dungeons.


Even if you have to go into your options panel and check an ‘accessible settings’ feature there to SHOW these settings (so not everyone abuses it) it would make it much better.


Thankfully they added the “arachnophobia” feature, though! /s


Do you know if you can use regular flying on that fight?


I really doubt it, considering it’s much slower. Not to mention, regular flying isn’t even unlocked until you finish the campaign quests.


There’s no way to test that as far as I know.

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Every expansion has its Oculus. I hope we’re allowed to block dungeons because this doesn’t sound fun to me at all.


I mean, you can, it’s just not under ‘Random.’ You can literally queue for every single other dungeon at once but just deselect Dawnbreaker.


you don’t usually get the dungeon rewards though when you do that right? I typically don’t do dungeons but on remix I have been doing plenty and don’t get the rewards if I get picky about them.


Devs cannot cater to the .00001 percent no offense


They still need to provide an accessibility option for this dungeon or else part of the game is not completable.

Or at least ‘force’ mounts with the ride-along ability for that dungeon and for it to be automatically unlocked. The character riding along can receive the same damage that player does.


I don’t think it’s good if they can’t innovate encounters due to literally every single different type of person out there that might be unable to do it for whichever reason.

However, this does need a solution. Allow the dungeon to be blacklisted from RDF would be a start. Allow the dungeon to be completed via follower dungeon without the troubling mechanic.


Where does this end though? Until players like me can’t do ANY dungeons because they’re all ‘innovative’ like this? Until they run players who need accessibility accommodations out of the game?





actually a skill issue
there are camera adjustment addons that can let you fly easier


Not when you only have one eye and your depth perception is off by a long shot because of it. I’m not even legally allowed to drive.


I agree with the OP, we do need a way to toggle out of certain random dungeons. I personally hated the Nokuhd instance in DF because of the flights, and now we have another one that is actually hurting a part of our community, yeah, fix that.