Good group of 5 looking for CE Guild with Good Vibes!

Our avail days and times are - Mon/Wed/Thurs - 9-12 EST Pref.

Looking for CE focused Guild.
We are willing to xfer for the right guild.
We are looking for a long time home.
All of us age wise are 25-36
We are all Mythic level raiders and have been playing since launch/BC - Lots of exp for all five. We were the officer core of our guild so we come with Feasts/Cauldrons/etc…

We are all 220+ with High parses, will link you if you msg.
We are 6/10M & 2/10M this tier.
4/5 of us are KSM - We do enjoy pushing keys and PVP as well.

Classes are:
Druid - Resto(main)/Boom - KSM
Shaman - Resto - KSM
Warlock - Aff/Destro - KSM
Hunter - BM
Pal - Ret - KSM

More than anything we are looking for a strong group of players that are just good fun people, good vibes, no drama or stress. We get on to game and enjoy our time.

We all play our classes exceptionally well.

Leave your discord and Guild info and I will get back to you.


Hi Lyfe,

Were extremely interested in your entire group to complete our 8/10M experience mythic core. If you are available to talk (anytime) please add:

Discord: Razagul#4633 / Aphro#1481
BTAG: Razagul#1696 / Zeus#11316

Lyfe, we’re a 5/10M guild looking to bolster our roster! Please reach out on discord: Ragnastie#5007

Hey Lyfe,

Our times are a bit later than you’ve got listed as we’re a west coast guild but if you’re interested in the info below then I’d love to talk more!

(A) < Proper Villains >[Proudmoore] 6/10M CN w/ many past CE’s is recruiting!

We aim to clear progression raiding, while having fun all in 9 hours a week.

Current Recruiting Needs: All exceptional applicants considered!

  • Tanks: Exceptional applicants only!
  • Melee: Any that can off tank
  • Ranged: Open/ All Classes
  • Healers: Paladin

Raid Times: T/Th/Su 8-11 PST

  • Optional Alt Raid on Fridays 8-11 PST

What We Expect From Applicants:

  • Good skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs).
  • Some prior raiding experience in Mythic.
  • Ability to attend at least 90% of raids.
  • A willingness and desire to spend some time outside of raid achieving reasonable character progression.
  • The ability to research current and upcoming raid encounters and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game.
  • Friendly, humble personality (team player).
  • Ability to communicate on Discord.


If you have questions, please get in touch with our recruitment officers:

  • Stareana (Discord: Star#0833, BNet: Solidflash#1444)
  • Blast (Discord:Blast#4486)

If you’re interested, please check out more info or apply

Hey Lyfe!

We’d seriously love to take all of you. Only hitch is we might be out of your comfortable raiding time hours, we raid 9-11pm PST (12am - 2am EST). In case we aren’t hit us up,

Discord : Slime#6677

Add me Thebanger#11932

Still Looking, Thank you all for your replies! <3


We’re looking for a few good players and while we might be out of your times, please consider giving us a look:

My Discord is JustOneSparrow#7679
Feel free to send me a request if you’re interested!

Thank you all for responding, we are looking for a Wed/Thurs Raid time - 8-12 est ish


I am with Corrupted Cannoli on A-52 (Horde)!
We are an Aotc plus guild! Always trying to set up mythic + and also have game nights (stuff outside of wow)
Current progression 10/10 H 1/10 M
Hope to chat soon!
Btag Kenoshis#1451

We are looking for 2 days a week - Tues/Wed/Thurs Avail - 9-12 EST could possibly make 8pm start time work.

[A] Severed Ties of Stormrage. We are newly reformed guild with 3/10 Mythic looking to bring in more strong players to round out our solid core group. We raid 2 days a week Wed/Thur starting at 9pm to 12 EST. HMU on Bnet: @ ZeRo#1248 or Disc: ZeRo#4884

we are horde and would pref to stay horde.

Gamers here.

Well you are just a tease by posting on a Night Elf alt :frowning:

Leave contact info and I will Link our logs to who ever is interested.

Hunter here.

Honor of the Horde on US- Magtheridon is recruiting players of all roles to finish out this tier. Weeknight raiding Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST. Please keep in mind that we are looking for members to be able to commit to those days! 6/10 Mythic!
Contact me on discord @ Shiena#2900

Still looking for the right fit <3